‘American Horror Story’ Star Sarah Paulson Teases Neil Patrick Harris’ Episode

American Horror Story’s Sarah Paulson has been tortured to different degrees of severity during her run on Ryan Murphy’s popular FX show, so it’s only right that Murphy threw her a bone and let her share the screen with tonight’s guest star, Neil Patrick Harris.

Aside from Paulson being amazing all on her own, she also gets to act against huge talents like Kathy Bates, Jessica Lange, and Angela Bassett, but she joked to Entertainment Tonight that “they’re old news to me at this point.”

“It’s become part of my world at work to be with this incredible caliber of actors.”

To say Sarah Paulson was ecstatic about getting the chance to work alongside Neil Patrick Harris is an understatement. The actress, who has been nominated for two Golden Globes and an additional two Emmys for her work on American Horror Story, gushed about getting the opportunity to work with a triple threat like Neil.

“I was just like, “What?!” I got so excited because I’m such an enormous fan. So I felt pretty cool, but all I can say is there’s a Neil Patrick Harris twin story that I think is very interesting and really about Bette and Dot coming into their own as women.”

Not only does Neil Patrick Harris act, sing, dance and host the occasional award ceremony, but he’s also very open about being a skilled magician. His character, Barney Stinson on How I Met Your Mother, often worked in a few tricks to create some magic with the ladies. On American Horror Story, Patrick returns to his tricks, but it’s a lot more sinister than the CBS comedy version.

Paulson commends the FX show creator Ryan Murphy on seeking out and nurturing Harris’ talent for the role.

“He’s very smart and if he knows that you have a particular talent that lends itself to the show, he going to ask you to call upon it. That means the show is only going to benefit from Neil Patrick Harris doing magic that he can actually do versus asking him to do something that he can’t do. Really while we’re talking about Neil Patrick Harris is there anything that he can’t do?”

Here’s a glimpse of Neil Patrick Harris in action.

[Image via FX]

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