Machete Wielding Homeowner Whacks Intruder In Head! [Video]

Memphis police are searching for a man who tried to break into the home of Cheryl Nibley. According to Live 5 News, it may not be too difficult to locate the intruder, since homeowner Nibley “chopped” his head with a machete. Nibley stated the following.

“If I chopped as good as I think I chopped, he’s got a wound and he’s gonna go get some help from somebody!”

Nibley told Local Memphis the intruder broke into her home a few weeks ago and stole all her television sets. This time, much to the intruder’s misfortune, Nibley was ready for his return with a fierce boldness and her little machete friend she lovingly calls “Rufus T.”

“I hate to do anything to anybody, but again, it was him or me and I chose me… and my machete Rufus.”

Nibley gives a play by play report, describing how the incident went down. She reveals as she was lying in her bed, she heard the screen on her window rip. Nibley immediately grabbed her machete and her cell phone and began dialing 911. There was no time to wait for the arrival of the police, however, as she recalls the event, as per Local Memphis.

“And then I saw my bed move out the way and I said, ‘He’s in the house. He’s in the house!’ When I saw the top of the head come through the window, that’s when I ran over there and I started chopping at him (on the head) with my machete. And I was chopping him, chopping him and chopping him.”

The intruder quickly jumped back out of the window and fled from the house. Nibley must have had a rush of adrenaline because she revealed that she ran out of her house wielding her machete in an attempt to catch the intruder, and she swears she would have succeeded except she realized one problem — she was naked. In all the excitement, Nibley forgot that she wasn’t wearing any clothes, as per Live 5 News.

“I didn’t have on any clothes, so I ran out the house kind of naked, and I thought about it and I ran back in house and put some clothes on. Then I ran back out the house to go chase him, and that’s when the police showed up.”

A search performed by the police, including a police helicopter, did not produce the intruder. Police continue to search for the man who broke into Nibley’s home. Nibley doesn’t seem concerned about the intruder coming back to her house.

“I’ve been told once you make an example out of people others tend to pay attention, so I don’t think he’s going to come back here.”

Nibley did want to give a personal message to the man who tried to break into her home, as per Live 5 News.

“Go get a job. Get you some money another way. But you just can’t go around takin’ stuff that don’t belong to you. Brother, your days of breaking and entering are numbered. You keep this up and you’re not gonna make it.”

Although Nibley got a good look at the suspect, her description to the police was somewhat generic — “wearing all black, short hair cut, and a thin build.” Most likely, the intruder will be found by his DNA left on the machete and the wounds Nibley left on his head.

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