WWE News: Top Names Considered For 2015 WWE Hall Of Fame, Sting No Longer A Lock?

WWE’s Hall of Fame has become quite amazing over the last number of years. Some of the top names in WWE history have been added, and more are yet to come. However, one would imagine that WWE would eventually run out of major names, so we’d most likely see them spread things out just to make the Hall interesting every year. This year, a number of names have been rumored.

Randy “Macho Man” Savage, the man WWE has attempted to get into the WWE Hall of Fame the last several years, may actually go in this year. To many, he is considered a lock. The fact that his brother, Lanny Poffo, is on Savage’s new DVD shows that the family is on good terms with WWE. Since Lanny owns the rights to the Poffo family name after Randy and his father, Angelo, passed away, he happens to be the guy WWE has to court in order for them to get Randy in.

It seems WWE has done that well, and Savage could be considered a lock.

According to EWrestling News, another name possible is “The Crippler” Ray Stevens. Stevens was once the tag-team partner of Pat Patterson years ago. He is being considered heavily due to the fact that he was a major territorial star in Northern California decades ago. Due to WWE’s WrestleMania 31 event being located in Cali this year, Stevens is very possible.

Another rumored name for the past year has been Sting. Sting was obviously never in WWE before 2014, but now that he has been, a WWE Hall of Fame bid seemed possible. Sting is from Venice Beach, California, but recent reports have shown that Sting may not go in this year. Sting now resides in Texas, and due to the fact that WrestleMania 32 is set to be in Texas next year, he may go in then instead of this year.

Many do not understand why that would be, as it makes no sense for Sting to be part of a Hall of Fame card that The Undertaker will most likely be part of. However, there are rumors that The Undertaker could go in this year, allowing him to headline the show. Due to the fact that Taker might wrestle this year, WWE is not certain about putting him in or not.

Since Savage has passed away, he cannot technically headline the event. WWE needs a big headliner to work the WWE Hall of Fame in 2015, like they have every year. Sting fits that from beginning to end. He would be only the second person ever to go into the WWE Hall of Fame and then wrestle at WrestleMania the night after, but it would be needed for the WWE Hall of Fame this year.

We’ll have to wait and see what WWE decides to do, but do not be surprised if any or all of the men mentioned go in. We can pretty much confirm all are on the short list right now.

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