‘Ashley Is Crazy’ Says ‘Bachelor’ Chris Soules: Will He Send ‘Onion Girl’ Home Next Week?

Bachelor Chris Soules was bound to meet a few crazies among the 30 women he was introduced to on the season premiere. In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Chris said that contestant Ashley Salter, who babbled on about an onion on Monday night’s show, was “crazy.”

For fans who thought drunk Tara was going to get the crazy award from Prince Farming, he had nothing negative to say about the “sport fishing enthusiast.” Instead, he gave that honor to 24-year-old Ashley Salter, a hairdresser from Brooklyn, New York. Quickly dubbed the “Onion Girl” on Twitter, Ashley rambled on about an onion for several minutes before she realized — or was told — it was a pomegranate. Crazy? Yes.

In the video above, Kimmel talks to Chris about Ashley, asking the Bachelor if “she seems a bit crazy? True or false?” Soules didn’t hesitate and replied: “Crazy.” The 33 year-old Iowa farmer tells Kimmel that perhaps he was too honest — which is kind of refreshing to hear from a reality show star.

“There is such a thing as being too honest. I’m not used to getting actual feedback from people on the show.”

As crazy as Chris thought she was, he didn’t send her home. He kept Tara as well, despite the fact that she paid more attention to her drink than the Bachelor during the cocktail party. Reality Steve reports that both ladies won’t make it very far, so perhaps producers had Chris keep Ashley and Tara around for entertainment.

According to the War Eagle Reader, Ashley graduated with a degree in Human Development and Family Studiest at Auburn University. She’s currently a hair stylist in Brooklyn, New York, and it’s obvious that she doesn’t spend a lot of her free time shopping for onions — or pomegranates.

Bachelor host Chris Harrison tells People that Ashley will leave an impression on cast members and fans of the show, but didn’t say whether it is a good one or not. Considering Chris Soules called her “crazy,” it’s a no-brainer that the onion scene isn’t going to be the only odd thing she does.

“Ashley’s the girl [that] when she comes out of the limo and the first couple of episodes, you’re going to feel like she has it all… She has the spirit, the good looks, the charm… but then the girls, especially, see another side.”

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