‘Bachelor’ Chris Soules Cheat Sheet: Keep Track Of 30 Ladies From Limo Exits To Elimination

Bachelor Mondays are back on ABC, and Chris Soules is ready to meet 30 ladies when they step out of limousines to greet the handsome Iowa farmer. While there are plenty of spoilers hinting at who Chris Soules is engaged to, most viewers just want to keep track of who the contestants are and try to figure out who the Season 19 villain will be, who gets the first impression rose, and which ladies will be sent home on night one.

The live three-hour season premiere ABC‘s popular reality show, The Bachelor starts at 8 p.m. ET on January 5, and will be hosted by the rosemaster himself, Chris Harrison.

[Warning: Spoilers ahead]

A new preview video from ABC reveals that 15 of the 30 girls will get to mingle with “Prince Farming” at the cocktail party for several hours, before the remaining women arrive. The remaining 15 contestants will arrive in a second set of limousines, and are quickly referred to as “the others” by the first set of girls. Perhaps producers decided to split up the group because they knew Chris Soules was going to be overwhelmed meeting 30 ladies at once.

Here is the list of Bachelor Chris Soules’ ladies, in limo-exit order, per Reality Steve.

First 15 Ladies:

  • Limo 1: Britt, Whitney, Kelsey, Megan, Ashley I.
  • Limo 2: Trina, Reegan, Tara, Amber, Nikki
  • Limo 3: Amanda, Jillian, Mackenzie, Ashley S., Kaitlyn

Remaining 15 Ladies:

  • Limo 4: Samantha, Michelle, Juelia, Becca, Tandra
  • Limo 5: Alissa, Jordan, Nicole, Brittany, Carly
  • Limo 6: Tracy, Bo, Kimberly, Kara, Jade

Who gets the first impression rose? According to Reality Steve’s latest spoilers, the first rose of the season goes to Britt Nilsson, who was also the first person to exit the first limo. Will she stay number one? Don’t count on it.

Who does Chris send home on the first night? Steve’s spoilers have not be all that detailed this season, so it’s not clear exactly who he eliminates. However, he does reveal that “22 of the 30 made it past night one.”

“Here are 16 girls who I know 100% made it past the first night: Britt, Whitney, Kelsey, Megan, Ashley I., Ashley S., Amber, Trina, Nikki, Kaitlyn, Becca, Tandra, Carly, Tracy, Jordan, and Jade. I think Kimberly, Samantha, Brittany and Jillian did as well, but not 100% on them. So that’s 16 definitely sure of, and 4 pretty sure of.”

Chris Soules recently told People that he found love on the Bachelor, but of course, he didn’t reveal who the lucky lady is. A source tells the magazine that his final lady may be a virgin who is saving herself for marriage. If so, she may not have to wait long to shed her virgin status — Soules made it clear during an interview with InTouch that he came on the show to find love, get married, and have babies.

“My No. 1 priority coming into this was to find a soulmate — somebody I could see myself spending the rest of my life with…[and] it worked for me… I’m extremely excited about the person that ‘won,’ if you want to call it that. I want to get married and have kids.”

Chill the wine and get ready to watch what Chris Harrison will probably call “the most dramatic season ever.” The season premiere of The Bachelor starts at 8 p.m. ET on January 5 on ABC. Watch the entire season live online with the WATCH ABC app.

[Image: @BachelorABC Twitter]

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