‘Charlie Hebdo’ Magazine Cartoons In English: Here Are The Mohammed Caricatures From France

The tragic shootings in France at the headquarters of Charlie Hebdo, a weekly satirical magazine that has angered extremist Muslims, has caused sparked interested parties to go to the web to seek out the types of cartoons of the Islami Prophet, Mohammed, that magazine has been creating and publishing. As reported by CNN, 12 people have been killed at the magazine’s offices and Google Trends says that more than 50,000 searches have come in for Charlie Hebdo on January 7.

Using the Google Chrome browser to automatically translate the Charlie Hebdo website into English, readers are ironically greeted with a headline that reads “Charlie is in Danger!” with a satirical heading about selling the magazine.

“There is no question for us to increase the selling price of Charlie, yet we need to quickly find ways to continue to exist without depending on outside shareholders or attack banks.”

The Mohammed cartoons are at the center of the horrific act of violence in France, and a search for “Mohammed site:http://www.charliehebdo.fr/” in Google Images turns up cartoons from Charlie Hebdo asking questions like “Que deviant Mohammed Merah?” – translated as “What happens Mohammed Merah?” – a reference to the Mohammed Merah shootings that occurred in March 2012.

Other images on the Charlie Hebdo website that turn up in the Google Images search show a cartoon that reads “Tuerie En Egypte. Le Coran C’est De La Merde. Ca N’ Arrete Pas Les Balles,” which Google Translate says loosely means, “Slaughter in Egypt. This is the Quran De La Merde. It Do not Arrete [Stop] The Balls.” That image shows a man holding a Quran that has been shot full of bullet holes. As reported by the Inquisitr, Charlie Hebdo has been the target of threats in the past due to its satirical cartoons of Mohammed.

Perhaps the headline of “La vie de Mahomet en BD, pour quoi?” on the magazine’s website, which translates into “The Muhammad life in comics, why?” in English also brought anger; it features a writer pontificating about the fascinating biography of Muhammad written by Harry Sacher, and more ruminations about the outcry of cartoons against Mohammed.

Charlie Hebdo’s cartoons and writings include text as equally disparaging to Christians and other religions.

[Image via Charlie Hebdo]

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