Did Tom Sandoval Admit To Cheating On Ariana On ‘Vanderpump Rules?’

Vanderpump Rules star Tom Sandoval may not have the cleanest reputation in Los Angeles, as he did admit to lying to Kristen Doute about a very innocent kiss, but he is far from the biggest liar in the group. But this little lie, he kept from Kristen, has made people question his honesty in regards to a rumor that he hooked up with a girl in Miami while he was dating Ariana Madix.

Tom Sandoval continues to deny the rumor. According to him, nothing happened. But on Monday’s episode of the show, Tom said something that maybe viewers watch closely. It sounded like Sandoval admitted to something and told Jax that it was unfair that he asked Jax to lie for him. But this is not what Tom meant.

According to a new Bravo report, Vanderpump Rules star Tom Sandoval is now explaining what he meant with his controversial statement, “I shouldn’t have to ask you to lie for me.”

“When I told Jax that “I shouldn’t have to ask you to lie for me,” I’m quoting Kevin Hart, in that when you’re best friends with someone, you should always have their back. At this point, I’m wanting Jax to know what it’s like to have someone like Jax as your friend. The difference is I’m not embellishing nor am I denying being the source of the information,” Tom explains.

Of course, many people felt that he was telling Jax that he regretted asking Taylor to lie for him in regards to what happened in Miami. Many people were questioning whether Tom Sandoval did indeed cheat on Ariana Madix while in Miami with a girl, who shared the news via Instagram. Kristen Doute took this as being truthful while others questioned the girl’s validity. But it sounds like that’s not what Tom is referring to.

“I can tell you one thing, with 100 percent certainty, I would never choose this time to do this if Jax had any dirt on me. He most definitely does NOT, because doing anything like that to Jax is dangerous,” Tom reveals, adding, “Jax lies in place of actual information. He takes the smallest iota of an idea or a rumor and blows it up into an elaborate story with tons of inconsistencies because it is all a lie.”

Tom Sandoval goes on to explain that the Miami rumor came from nothing as Jax never saw him doing anything. And Tom believes Taylor brings up the Miami story to get back at Sandoval, even though there is no substance to the rumor. Sandoval is very vocal about how happy he is with Ariana, and recently revealed he wanted to marry her.

As for his ex-girlfriend, Sandoval believes that she would make up a story to get back at him. According to the Inquisitr, Tom believes that Kristen would make up a cheating story, just to make him look bad.

What did you think of Tom Sandoval’s comment to Jax?

[Image via Bravo]