Elliot Spencer Banned From Driving: Is Reckless New Fiancee Stephen Fry To Blame?

It’s been a whirlwind 48 hours for Elliot Spencer. Only yesterday, Stephen Fry introduced the 27-year-old to the world as his husband to be, and a mere 24 hours later, Fry’s fiancee found himself in court for speeding in a ‘borrowed’ Aston Martin.

If first impressions are anything to judge by, it would appear that young Spencer is an upcoming ‘b-list’ celebrity who certainly enjoys life in the fast lane, but is boyfriend Stephen simply along for the ride or has old Fry got himself firmly wedged in the driving seat?

An objective examination of the facts as they were heard in court would seem to suggest that 57-year-old Fry could be considered something of a reckless influence on an ebullient Elliot.

The Daily Mail reports that Elliot Spencer, who Fry first started dating at some point last year, was driving an Aston Martin to May’s Hay on Wye festival where Fry was due on stage.

Cwmbran Magistrates’ Court in South Wales heard they were running late due to Bank Holiday traffic when Fry “persuaded” his boyfriend to “put his foot down.” The car then shot up to 101mph in a 70mph zone.

Elliott pleaded guilty to a charge of speeding and was banned from driving for seven days and fined a total of £205.

Spencer’s barrister Mark Wyeth QC told the court that Fry, who was in court to watch as his future husband was handed his punishment, assumes all responsibility for his fiancee’s actions.

“Mr Fry who is Spencer’s partner was due as the new president of the Literature Festival and was due that afternoon to give his inaugural address. They hit a large backlog of traffic and in a moment of indiscretion Mr Fry suggested to Spencer that he might like to get a move on.”””

“No other drivers were inconvenienced and he eventually did make it by a matter of a few minutes, in time for the festival. Mr Fry assumes all responsibility because it was his decision that made Spencer put his foot down.”

The magistrates barked at Spencer, “Your partner persuaded you to increase your speed so you were not late for an engagement.”

Spencer went on to thank the magistrates for their courtesy, and Fry posed with his husband to be, allowing court staff to take photographs.

They then walked to Fry’s £150,000 Bentley – which Spencer crashed yesterday in London – and left the small Welsh town.

Who was it who once said the course of true love never did run smooth?