Line Of Duty Police Officer Deaths Increase By 13% In 2011

The number of law enforcement officers who were killed while in the line of duty increased by 13% in 2011, leaving 173 officers dead through December 28.

The rise in officer deaths comes after 2009 say a 50-year-low in officer related killings according to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund.

The report found that gunfire claimed the lives of 68 officers, marking the first time since 1997 that more law enforcement officers were killed by gunshots rather than traffic accidents.

The 2011 officer related shootings is still less than half of the highest total set in 1973 when 156 officers were shot and killed.

Speaking about the rise in deaths the chairman of the memorial fund blamed budget cuts, revealing that more than 10,000 police officers and sheriff deputies had been laid off in 2011.

“Our officers are facing a more brazen, cold-blooded element, and fighting a war on terror, and we’re giving them less training and less equipment than they need to do their jobs safely.”

Turning to the rise in illegal firearms Attorney General Eric Holder said the “devastating and unacceptable” rise in police officer murders could be blamed for the increase while promising that the Justice Department is doing everything in its power to keep police officers safe.

What do you blame for the increase in law enforcement deaths by gunfire?

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