Shy Girl Violently Dragged To Front Of Class And Beaten By Classmates At Substitute Teacher’s Instructions

A teacher is reportedly in hot water over his recent directive that led to one student being humiliated by classmates. According to Raw Story, the horrific incident which took place at a Quincy, Washington, elementary school on Dec. 12 began as a verbal exchange between an unnamed 11-year-old girl and a substitute teacher identified as Ken Lacey.

When the girl was asked to come to the front of the class to participate in a class activity, she declined, stating that she was shy and embarrassed about speaking in front of the class.

Apparently, Lacey didn’t feel her reason was a valid excuse not to participate. However, the way he chose to handle the situation only made things worse. When the little girl expressed her feelings of embarrassment, the teacher allegedly said, “I’ll show you what’s embarrassed.” That’s when the situation took a disturbing turn.

Lacey allegedly instructed four students to drag the girl to the front of the class. Of course, since the teacher made the directive, a number of students reportedly jumped at the opportunity. As the girl was being violently dragged down the aisle of the classroom, more students joined in. Then, things escalated when many students began doing much more than dragging. Some classmates allegedly slapped, kicked, and punched the poor girl while others threw balls at her.

Her mother, Olga Montano, recently weighed in on the incident. She stated that she was contacted by school administration about the incident that day. Although she was outraged and devastated that her daughter experienced such humiliation at the hands of her peers, nothing was worse than actually seeing the footage of the horrific beating. She recounted that day during an interview with iFiber One News. She also revealed that there were more than four students involved in the girl’s assault.

“She refused to go up because she told him that she was embarrassed… And he responded to her, ‘I’ll show you what’s embarrassed.’ So, he asked four kids to grab her and drag her to the front of the class, and so they did. While she was being dragged, more kids joined in. And she was being slapped, kicked, punched in the face.”

The Quincy Police Department has also obtained the footage of the incident, and it is currently being investigated. Quincy School District Superintendent John Boyd revealed Lacey resigned from the school on Monday, Dec 15.

Do you think the teacher should face charges for instructing the girl’s classmates to drag and beat her? Share your thoughts.

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