Top Five Broken Resolutions In The First Week Of 2015

Enthusiastically, toward the end of every year, people get excited about the chance at a fresh start and begin making resolutions that — too often — don’t endure the first month. Interestingly enough, some 2015 resolutions’ results are looking quite familiar.

According to statistical research from the Journal of Clinical Psychology, presented by Statistic Brain, 45 percent of Americans usually make New Year’s resolutions. Of these brand-new-start Americans, eight percent succeeds. That’s kind of discouraging news. For example, if using 100 Americans, 45 made resolutions for 2015. By the statistical data provided by the JCP, approximately four out of 45 people will succeed.

From the same research, 75 percent of those who make resolutions endure through the first week — which would mean that approximately 34 out of 45 people would make it to the second week.

However, as can be seen from social media posts, these 2015 resolutions are fading away faster than Wile E. Coyote’s vision of the Road Runner.

In no certain order, these are the top five broken resolutions within 2015’s first six days.

Getting Fit And Going To The Gym

Though made as a resolution, this is more of a “commitment” type of thing. Some say that the hardest thing about going to the gym is, well, going to the gym. Even if it’s only the bare-minimums, once you get there, you’ll work out. Yet, for many places, getting there is the issue.

Gym Tweet

This Twitter user isn’t the only one noticing the lackluster gym activity. Another is in agreement for getting more “usefulness” from his gym card. And, by the number of retweets and favorites, many people concur.

As funny as this seems, there are those who will become upset if you laugh at their failed attempts at the 2015 resolutions. So tread carefully in how you approach your friends. Likewise, this includes the topic of weight loss as well. By going to the gym and working out, at least, some weight loss would be imminent, yes?

Eating Healthy And Purging Junk Food

In conjunction with working out and living a healthy lifestyle, this one has begun to tank as well. Discipline has to be focus-of-the-day. Enticingly, there are so many delicious foods or “food like substances” available to the masses, and they’re usually inexpensive. However, as far as health is concerned, such aforementioned items can prove to be counterproductive in those efforts.

It’s so easy to purchase something quick and easy. Yet, it takes time to properly fix an appropriately healthy meal. Possibly, that is why this 2015 resolution is seeing a short lifespan?

Avoiding Procrastination At All Costs

Whether it’s for school, work or personal life, procrastination can be “the pits.” It’s so easy to side things aside for another day, right? Though it is easy, it is poor use of time management. This one element is procrastination’s enemy, its arch-rival.

Unfortunately, this is also one that has fallen within the ranks of 2015’s unsuccessful resolutions. If you’re not a multitasker, scheduling is your friend. And as aforementioned, discipline plays a crucial role in maintaining that schedule, especially when it pertains to academics and work.

Cleanliness and Organization

Aligned with conquering procrastination, this 2015 resolution is also one that depends on schedule maintenance and discipline. Instead of simply tossing clothes to the floor, it takes a little extra to place the items in their appropriate places.

With no offense intended, though presentation may not be as important to some, it is important to others — especially companions. Also, it would be significantly easier to have things positioned where you’d know their locations, rather than have to search through mounds of disorganization, correct?

However, this is an issue that isn’t fixed easily. It’s a lifestyle change. There’s an entire show dedicated to those with disorganized patterns — Hoarders. Compared to the participants on the show, this photo falls short of the hoarder title.

“I’m Gonna Do Better”

This basically encompasses all the aforementioned, plus others that are too numerous to name, here. This tweet says it all, without further-needed explanation.

For the 75 percent of individuals who make it to the second week and further — even those who “dropped the ball” — when you feel like giving up and going back, remember the words of the wise sage Dory, of Finding Nemo fame.

“Just… Keep… Swimming!”

Any thoughts about your own 2015 resolutions and their progressions?

[Feature Image via Sara Runs]

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