Five Unexpected Gift Ideas To Wow Companions For Valentine’s Day 2015

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, it’s time to put together gift ideas for significant others. And though some may not consider this to be an important day, there are those who take Valentine’s Day incredibly serious. Realizing this, one might not want to short-step in gift-giving.

Thoughtfulness can count just as much as the amount spent on a gift. A gift can be expensive, but if there’s no meaning behind it, it would be less effective than something creatively special and sentimental. The following are five out-of-the-box gifts to consider.

Make Your Residence Into A Fancy Restaurant

Sometimes, it doesn’t take a lot of money to “wine and dine” your companion. Thoughtfulness counts, even in the most minimal of kinds.

Okay, maybe that’s stretching it for Valentine’s Day. That’s obviously a seasoned-couple type of cuteness. However, for those who want to go all-out, it is possible to give five-star service at home. Take the time to set up the place, appropriately. Ribbons, flare, table etiquette and presentation, music, candles — give it the works. One could even hire a private musician for the evening.

Prepare a menu for your companion, and allow him or her to choose what he or she would like to eat or drink. Honestly, this may all equate to the cost of going out to eat. However, it would mean significantly more coming from personal effort.

Take A Roadtrip

Sometimes, you just need to get away. Since Valentine’s Day is on a Saturday, it’s an ideal time for such a trip. There could be five options given — whether directly or indirectly. Whichever is chosen, why not travel to that destination for a day? Many companions like someone with a spontaneous side.

Of course, ensure the destinations won’t take more than a day to reach — especially if you have to work on Monday. If it takes a day to get there, it will equally take a day to get back.

Given the number of “retweets” and “favorites,” roadtrips seem like one of the things more wanted than not. Why not choose to “live” with your significant other on Valentine’s Day?

Go Beer Or Wine Tasting

Several breweries and wineries have events throughout the year. Wineries definitely have something happening during Valentine’s season. If you aren’t near a winery, there are usually galas that host such tastings around metropolitan areas, some being “black and white” events. During these hostings, dinner is also available — if you would like to make the night more special.

Though the tweet is from last year, you can see that it is an actually Valentine’s Day event.

Conquer A Fear Together Then Celebrate

This is possibly one of the realest ways to come closer to each other. According to FamilyShare, the site shares a unique way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

“If you are afraid of planes, book a short trip. If you are afraid of dogs or cats, visit an animal shelter. If you are afraid of speaking to a large crowd, attend an event that requires public speaking. Whatever your fear may be, confront it head on. You need to prove to yourself you are stronger than your fears. You just may find out the fears were all in your head.”

Conquering fears together can be highly beneficial for the relationship. For many, it’s the fear of heights. Why not take a skydiving or hot-air balloon session together? Afterwards, celebrate heavily. It’d be deserving.

Miss South Africa Tweet

Interestingly, she’s actually a 2014 Miss South Africa finalist. Nevertheless, though she’s mocking him, she is closer to him from this experience. This is what matters. Essentially, the human experience is about that — experiences.

Go Above And Beyond In Intimacy, Commitment, And Responsiveness

After a few years, many couples tend to lose that “spark.” Usually, that’s because they’ve fallen into a comfort-level hole. Once in there, it can be a little difficult to crawl out. According to Pepperdine University, Doctor’s Clifford and Joyce Penner explain why.

“February is the time when our expectations and thoughts go to romance and love. Yet as sexual therapists, it is common to hear the pain of a husband or wife who has lost the joy of that ‘first love.’ ‘I don’t love him anymore,’ a young woman sobbed. ‘I’m not sure when my feelings changed, but we might as well be roommates. He’s a nice guy; he really tries. I’m sure he knows and I’m afraid of hurting him.’ Research shows that the initial passion of a new relationship fades within six to thirty months. We are convinced that married couples cannot expect to hold on to the passion of newness, but rather must work to build deeper passion based on true intimacy that grows and glows with greater vibrancy over the couple’s lifetime.”

It takes a lot to make relationships work, and it’s not something that should only happen on Valentine’s Day. Moreover, do the things that began the spark in the first place. In relationships, the courtship should not end. This is the mistake that happens. People want more, and relationships require more nowadays.

The last tweet actually says:

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So, are you ready to make this Valentine’s Day memorable?

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