Richard Nixon Had Gay Fling Says New Biography

If a new biograpy reporting on the life of Richard Nixon is to be believed the former U.S. President was involved in a longtime gay afair with Miami businessman Charles “Bebe” Rebozo.

Your salacious political rumor of the day: A soon-to-be-released biography of Richard Nixon alleges that he had a longtime gay affair d

The allegation comes in Nixon’s Darkest Secrets and because it was written by veteran political reporter Don Fulsom some people are standing up and taking notice of his word.

As if the Rebozo affair wouldn’t have been enough, it’s believe he was directly linked to mafia activity at the time.

In its 1998 obituary for Rebozo the Miami Herald wrote that the men were friends for more than 40 years while Rebozo would frequent the White House to visit with Nixon.

According to a GOP campaigner:

“They were inseparable—you just can’t imagine how close two men could be,” while adding, “It was as if Bebe had the key to unlock Richard Nixon’s soul.”

If those allegations are not enough the book also goes on to claim that Richard Nixon beat his wife and that Rebozo was given his own bedroom at the White House for the length of Nixon’s Presidency.

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