Contents Of Samuel Adams’ 1795 Time Capsule To Be Revealed Tonight – Tune In Live

Unearthed back in December, the time capsule buried by Samuel Adams and Paul Revere back in 1795 will soon be opened. The public will get its first glimpse inside the time capsule and see just what rests in the box that was buried by the two iconic historical figures and others from the Revolutionary War.

As ABC News reported, it is the oldest time capsule in the country and it will indeed be opened by the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, on Tuesday evening. It will happen at 6:00 p.m. ET, and only credentialed media will be there due to the “extremely limited space and object sensitivity.”

Epic Times states that the capsule from Samuel Adams and Paul Revere was embedded in a cornerstone of the Massachusetts state Capitol. It comes from a time when Adams held the office of governor.

It isn’t exactly known what is in the original cowhide time capsule, but X-rays have been taken of the box since it was found in December. It is known that inside are old coins, documents, newspapers, and a metal plate that was once owned by Paul Revere.

Back in 1855 the contents were moved over to a copper box, and that was what was found last month. What isn’t known by the X-rays is the condition of the items in the box, and it is expected that some deterioration has happened.

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Pamela Hatchfield, a conservator at the museum, has said that the capsule was initially found in 1855 when the building underwent some modifications. That was when it was switched to the copper box.

Humidity from the day that the time capsule was restored to the corner and water leakage may have still caused more damage to the items.

Back in October, a time capsule was found in a lion statue of the Old State House, and it dated back to 1901. It contained letters, a book on foreign policy, and some old newspaper clippings.

Now, the time capsule of Samuel Adams, Paul Revere, and others is the oldest ever found.

If you’re looking to see what’s inside the Samuel Adams and Paul Revere time capsule, at 6 p.m. ET, make sure to hop on Twitter and follow the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Their live tweets will keep up updated on anything and everything revealed.

[Image via Museum of Fine Arts]

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