‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Spoilers: Tasks 4 And 5 Bring Two More Fired Contestants In ‘A Family Affair’

Things have gotten off to quite the wild start with The Celebrity Apprentice 2015 season. Three celebrities have already been fired, and another two will be axed in the next episode airing on January 12. What Celebrity Apprentice spoilers are available for the episode titled “A Family Affair”?

The Futon Critic shares that in the January 12 episode, contestants will first be tasked with creating a campaign for Cosmopolitan Body magazine. The boardroom advisors for this one will be Donald Trump, Jr. and Ivanka Trump.

NBC’s page for this season teases that the male rivalry referenced relates to Ian Ziering and Geraldo Rivera. Viewers have already developed strong opinions about Rivera’s approach to this season and it will be interesting to see how long these two stick around and go after one another.

As for the ladies, it seems that viewers can expect to see Vivica A. Fox and Shawn Johnson go at it in the boardroom. This will be interesting for fans, as Johnson isn’t necessarily typically seen as a bulldog.

Celebrity Apprentice spoilers indicate that in the second task airing on Monday’s episode, the teams will be challenged to sell wedding dresses to raise money for their charities. One of the contestants will have a panic attack and disappear. In addition, one of the ladies will try to redeem herself from a prior fundraising blunder.

There will apparently be a dramatic boardroom after this second task. Advisors for the wedding dress fundraising challenge will be Eric Trump and Donald Trump, Jr.

So, which celebrities will be fired in “A Family Affair”? The folks at Survivor Sucks have been closely following this season since filming took place and so far they’ve nailed the eliminations. According to their Celebrity Apprentice spoilers, would appear that in Task 4, the magazine campaign, it will be Jamie Anderson against Johnny Damon as project managers.

It is believed that Jamie’s team loses, and she will be the next one to be fired. It appears that Trump will mix up the teams at this point, and it will be interesting to see what the new teams are and how they all get along.

It appears that Geraldo and Ian will be the project managers for their new teams in this second task of “A Family Affair,” with Ziering’s team losing. Ian fans may not need to fret, however. Celebrity Apprentice spoilers indicate that Terrell Owens is fired in that boardroom.

Which celebrities will go all the way in this Celebrity Apprentice 2015 season? Spoilers indicate that it could be an interesting final four and some think that the groundwork is already being laid to showcase this season’s winner. The Celebrity Apprentice airs Monday nights with double episodes each week on NBC.

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