Charlotte Wonjah: Pregnant Woman Goes On Violent Rampage, Beats Son And Kills Puppy

Charlotte Wonjah, a 26-year-old pregnant woman, went on a violent rampage, beating her son and killing his one-month-old puppy while he watched. Wonjah blames her temper, but it seems a weak excuse for a rampage that began when she attacked her boyfriend and ended when she slammed her family’s English bulldog puppy repeatedly into the ground until it died.

The Miami, Florida police department responded to call to Wonjah’s home after she attacked her boyfriend, a man who wishes to remain anonymous. The boyfriend spoke exclusively to CBS Miami about Wonjah and the violent incident.

“My girlfriend just went ballistic and started hitting me, biting me and punching me and then my 14-year-old daughter tried to intervene, you know to pacify the situation. She punched my daughter and threw her against the wall. That’s when I called the police. At that time, that’s when I found out about her 8-year-old son who she had been abusing too.”

And indeed, Wonjah has been abusing her son, as the Miami Police Department report indicated that the eight-year-old boy had “bruises, welts and markings” on his body after his mother beat him with a rope.

The police report also says that Wonjah killed the one-month-old puppy that her son shared with her boyfriend’s daughter because it had defecated inside the home.

“She beat the puppy because he went poop in a corner of the house and she took the puppy and threw it on the floor and when the puppy got up to walk, he acted strange and so she hit again and slammed his head down in the middle of the street and killed him,” the boyfriend said to CBS Miami. “It was my daughter’s puppy. I feel like [Wonjah] has no feelings.” He went on to say further that he simply could not understand why Wonjah would have killed the helpless puppy, saying, “That’s like a human being. You don’t do that to a little animal. It’s just a puppy. What kind of person are you?”

Police reports indicate that Wonjah killed the puppy because she did not want to clean up after it. Wonjah was charged with child abuse, cruelty to animals, and two counts of misdemeanor battery.

According to the Huffington Post, both the eight-year-old son of Wonjah and the 14-year-old daughter of her boyfriend, as well as the two-year-old daughter that Wonjah and her boyfriend have together, are in the custody of the Department of Children and Families until a January 15 court hearing.

Wonjah, who is four months pregnant with the son of her boyfriend, is no stranger to violence, either. According to the Miami Herald, Wonjah was also arrested in April and August of 2013 for battery.

Although pregnancy hormones cannot be blamed for acts of extreme violence, another pregnant woman was arrested for stabbing her boyfriend to death because he forgot to buy her a birthday gift. Read more on that case here.

[Image via the Miami Herald]

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