Justin Bieber And Team: Something 'Big' This Way Comes -- Today

Justin Bieber and his team are set to reveal something "big" today.

Will it be news of a tour? That long rumored Calvin Klein campaign? The first single from the singer's forthcoming new solo album? Or perhaps Justin and Cody Simpson's debut video in support of their duets album?

The Biebs kept things close to his chest in an announcement posted to his Fahlo account on January 5.

"Big day tomorrow. Some stuff I wanted to show you for a while ) love you," the Canadian wrote.

Justin Bieber
(Screengrab via Justin Bieber Fahlo account)

The heartthrob's teaser comes after mounting hints from Team Bieber towards the end of last year that new music and news would roll out early on in 2015.

These included recent confirmation by Justin that he will be dropping his new album this year, his "Get ready" tweet on New Year's Day and a bold Instagram message tagged to the singer by his manager Scooter Braun on December 30.

Justin's protégé, Madison Beer, also got in the online action. The 15-year-old singer took to Twitter on January 2, writing,

"You guys have nooo ideaaa.. get ready beliebers," adding, "He's back baby."

More teases from Team Bieber followed Justin's hint on Monday night.

Brad Haugen, the Chief Marketing Officer at Braun's entertainment company SBProjects, tweeted:

Allison Kaye, general manager at the same company, was included in a group tweet posted by Braun which read,Adding their voice to the hype-up, the Fahlo team shared,So, today is the day for a first look-listen (?) at what Justin's camp have been cooking up for fans.

Naturally, Beliebers weren't shy to express their opinions speculating about what the news might be. A hilarious Twitter snapshot follows.

Meanwhile, Justin is hobbling around on crutches after fracturing, or spraining, his foot during a game of soccer at the Parrot Cay private island resort in Turks and Caicos on January 2. The 20-year-old posted a sad video to Fahlo last night that may have been a downer for fans.

In short: positive, "big" Bieber news today would be very welcome to Beliebers right about now.