‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans Has Terrifying Airplane Experience

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans had a very scary flying experience on Monday, and actually live tweeted the entire thing.

According to Jenelle’s Twitter feed, she and her boyfriend, Nathan Griffith, took a flight and something went wrong with the plane, which had to make an emergency landing.

“Don’t board with Spirit Airlines. They did not inspect their plane well enough and all the hydraulic fluid leaked out and we had to make an emergency landing.”

Jenelle Evans, who, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, debunked rumors she’s pregnant again, also revealed that the passengers on the plane were all very upset and worried, which obviously included the Teen Mom 2 star herself.

“All passengers were bawling in tears and terrified. Now they had us a new plane for over 4 hours and we still haven’t boarded. I’m scared to ride again but gotta get to my destination! This sucks I can’t switch flights. [They] Won’t even let me sit next to Nathan!!”

Jenelle Evans was unhappy to say the least about her scary flying disaster, but it seemed to get worse when the Teen Mom claimed the airline was lying to the passengers.

“Also they have been lying to us telling us this and that just to make us calm. Well come to find out the hydraulics broke and they couldn’t get our luggage out of the old plane. Then had to wait for 2 JetBlues to unboard cuz they r federal and come first before anyone.”

While the airline may be trying to keep the passengers calm about what really happened before they were forced to make an emergency landing with Teen Mom Jenelle Evans — who, according to Cambio, recently went back to blonde — and others on board, the MTV star says that one flight attended was so scared that she refused to re-board another plane.

“Still haven’t boarded and then the flight attendant was scared to get back on and they had to find a new one.”

What a nightmare for Jenelle Evans and the rest of the passengers of the flight she was on, including Nathan Griffith, the father of her baby boy. Hopefully she’ll get to her destination safely and never have another terrible flying experience like this one again.

The Teen Mom 2 star did not say whether or not either of her two sons, Jace and Kaiser, were with her. During the traumatic time, fans were tweeting Evans trying to get her spirits up, which hopefully made her feel a bit better.

In the end, Jenelle and Nathan boarded another plane.

[Photo Credit: Twitter]