Duggar Family Posts Photo Of Son Jedidiah Holding Shotgun To Facebook, Fans React With Disapproval [Photo]

The Duggar Family from the hit TLC series 19 Kids and Counting have always been vocal about their stance on Second Amendment rights to bear arms. However, when the Duggar family posted a photo of 16-year-old son Jedidiah holding a shotgun he received for Christmas, many fans immediately voiced their disapproval.

Jedidiah Duggar
The controversial photo of Jedidiah Duggar holding a shotgun he received for Christmas

When the photo was posted, it caused a stir similar to that the photo of Jessa Duggar holding a semi-automatic rifle. Many fans commenting on the Facebook post note that they do not feel it is appropriate for a child to handle a weapon of any sort.

“I could go on for quite a while of why this is soooo wrong. Guns kill, there is no good reason to own a gun in this day and age.”

Others found it odd that the Duggars would so heavily support gun owners rights but not support the LGBT community’s rights.

“So it’s ok to give a weapon to your son as an Xmas present but not ok to support LGBT people having rights. The Duggars have a seriously messed up set of priorities. [sic]”

Though many disagreed with the Duggars decision to give Jedidiah a gun for Christmas, others came out in support of the family noting that there was nothing illegal or disturbing about the photo. In fact, many praised the family for promoting proper gun use and safety at home.

“What’s wrong with this country? People that complain about this picture!! Gun use and safety starts at home!! Proud American right there!”

It isn’t just rifles and shotguns the family loves. The Duggars also love their paintball. It is a yearly Black Friday tradition to have a family paintball fight that even includes the tiny Duggars.

What do you think? Is there anything wrong with Jedidiah Duggar receiving a shotgun for Christmas?