TNA News: Alberto Del Rio To Debut On ‘Impact Wrestling’ This Wednesday?

Dixie Carter and her staff are doing the best they can to steer the ship into the right direction. As TNA and their flagship show Impact Wrestling gets ready for their debut on Destination America on Wednesday, the stars may be starting to align piece-by-piece. On top of the numerous TNA stars that already re-signed, another big name could make that list even larger.

No, that name isn’t CM Punk or Vince Russo. TNA is gunning for a realistic name to help build the brand to heights never seen before. Last month, TNA made a big play for Alberto Del Rio, who is know wrestling with Ring of Honor through March. He debuted with ROH a few nights ago, and the reaction he received told the story.

Dixie Carter made it known that she wants Alberto Del Rio in a bad way, but it was never announced when she wanted Del Rio to debut, if he signed. According to, Carter wants Del Rio with the company this week.

“TNA wants to secure Alberto Del Rio for an appearance on Wednesday’s live Impact Wrestling debut on Destination America.

TNA reportedly wants Impact to debut with a fresh look, and the company feels a Del Rio appearance would be a great way to present a re-boot of the product to the fans.

If TNA does get Del Rio for an appearance on Wednesday, it would have to be a non-exclusive deal, as Del Rio is already signed to appear on ROH TV through March of this year.”

On top of the big money deal TNA is ready to give Del Rio, the former WWE champion is receiving huge offers from Bellator and Lucha Underground. Just like CM Punk was in high demand, Del Rio seems to be receiving similar treatment from many different companies. Del Rio’s age, 38, is concerning, but he shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.

Don’t expect Del Rio to jump ship to the world of mixed martial arts, because he hasn’t done that in quite a long time. It makes more sense for Del Rio to stick with pro wrestling, and sign a non-exclusive deal with Lucha Underground for TNA.

Both rosters would largely benefit from having an excellent wrestler on their side, as he has a lot to give back to the industry.

His talents took him from Mexico into the WWE, where he shined as a heel and face. Just because his WWE reign didn’t work out in the end, doesn’t mean he can’t succeed in TNA. TNA is rejuvenating its product on a daily basis, and if they can secure the Mexican Aristocrat, TNA may be finally figuring it out.

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