Justin Bieber ‘Broke’ His Foot After Playing Soccer, Scoring On Vacation

Justin Bieber revealed he fractured or “Broke my damn foot” as he put it in an explanation and pic posted to his Shots apps account on Monday.

Shortly after he tweeted, “Messed up my damn foot. smh.”

At the game itself and after, Justin was seen using a crutch in a picture taken with a fan.

The singer incurred the injury while playing soccer in a game between staff and guests at the Parrot Cay private island resort in Turks and Caicos on January 2.

Justin was photographed scoring a goal at the game by spectator and former supermodel, Christie Brinkley, who posted the shot to her Instagram account.

The 20-year-old stayed at the resort with longtime friend, model Hailey Baldwin, and other pals just before the New Year to celebrate. He is now back in the U.S. and is thought to be in New York City or Los Angeles after the group returned on Sunday.

Justin Bieber
(Photo: The singer’s caption read “Broke my damn foot” by a pic of his injured foot)

The image shows swelling and darkened skin below the ankle and just above the heel and sole of Justin’s left foot.

This could indicate a range of possible injuries including a sprained or broken ankle, which is a common injury caused by twisting the ankle, falls or a sports injury. According to most medical texts, such an injury may be treated with a plaster cast or surgery.

A full recovery usually takes from eight to 12 weeks, particularly in the bones around the ankle which may be the case with Justin.

While the Canadian has described his foot as “Broke[n],” doctors refer to breaks or cracks in bones as fractures.

Symptoms for fractures include pain (in the bones around the ankle), an inability to walk without help, a swollen ankle or an odd shape to the ankle, which can indicate an open or compound fracture.

In general, holistic diagnoses, author Louise Hay’s best-selling book “You Can Heal Your Life” states foot problems or injuries indicate a fear of the future and stepping forward in life.

Since Justin declared he “broke” his foot, this suggests he has seen a doctor and had an X-ray, which is the only way to confirm whether an ankle is broken or sprained.

He will have been advised to avoid putting any weight on his ankle/foot.

justin bieber selfie after foot 2
(Photo: The singer posted four selfies after the pic of his broken foot on Monday)

After his announcement of his “broke” foot, Justin posted a series of selfies.

Given that he will be spending the next few weeks sitting down, it’s likely his selfie rate will increase.

Justin Bieber getting his foot seen to during the soccer match on Turks and Caicos on January 2
(Photo: Justin Bieber getting his foot seen to during the soccer match on Turks and Caicos on January 2)
Justin Bieber Plays Soccer, Scores In Everton Kit While Hailey Baldwin & Christie Brinkley Watch
(Photo: Justin Bieber wearing an Everton shirt and using a crutch after the soccer final at the Parrot Cay resort on Jan 2)

Following recent hints that he is returning to his music career, Justin tweeted, “2015. New beginning. Get ready” the day after New Year. It remains to be seen how or if his new foot injury will affect his team’s timetable for releases from his duets album with teen star Cody Simpson and his highly anticipated solo album.

Pal videographer, Alfredo Flores, offered some motivation to the singer.

Christie — who has a residence in Parrot Cay and is on vacation with her three children — posted snaps of the Biebs playing soccer in Everton’s kit.

When the game kicked off, she noted, “The BIG Game!!! Our secret weapon gets us off to a GREAT start! #soccer.”

The singer appeared to be jubilant after scoring a goal.

Justin Bieber Plays Soccer
(Photo: An overjoyed Justin Bieber after scoring a goal at a soccer game in Turks and Caicos on January 2)

Hours later, the singer updated his Fahlo app account with this totally lonesome video of him hobbling into a deserted gym on crutches.

The clip is captioned, “Well…looks like crutches again.”

And the cherry on the cake of the Biebs’ day?