Waco’s ‘Crazy Cat Lady’ Charged With Using Neighbors’ Pets For Fur Coats

Waco’s own “Crazy Cat Lady” has been arrested for allegedly kidnapping, killing, and skinning hundreds of cats for use in her fur coats, and she could face 18 months in jail for the crimes.

The initial report stems from World News Daily Report, a news site with a religious slant, and it fails to name the woman, though it does include multiple photos of her in both cat and prison attire, along with a statement from Jane Churchill, who is reportedly a spokeswoman for PETA.

According to the post, the 85-year-old Texan was actually caught on film kidnapping one of her neighbor’s cats.

Authorities were able to search the woman’s home based on the evidence, and ended up finding over 20 fur coats, each of which was believed to have taken 30 cats for the former fashion designer to create.

To save you the math, that’s at least 600 cats that she would be responsible for killing. Authorities reportedly told the site that she had tried using her own cats for the fur coats, but “became too attached to them,” thus necessitating her search elsewhere.

Dubbed Waco’s “Crazy Cat Lady,” until her real name is released, the woman also aroused suspicions of her neighbors, some of whom claimed to recognize their own cats in her clothing.

Crazy Cat Lady Wearing A Cat Coat?

“I can’t believe these atrocities happened in our own backyard,” Churchill told the site.

“Animals are our brothers and sisters and what she has done to my eyes is comparable to mass murder. She has taken the lives of hundreds of cats just to make fur coats out of them, this is tragic. How would people react if someone made coats out of human skin? These cats are living beings and all living beings are equal to Mother Earth. I hope she goes to jail for a very long time.”

For what it’s worth, the relatively sparse details on this case have me saving my outrage until more information becomes available, but if it’s anything I’ve learned in the last six months, it’s that this sort of thing isn’t unusual.

Take the Craigslist dog killer the Inquisitr reported on a few months ago.

Suspect Jason Brown was arrested for obtaining dogs through the classified ad website for the sole purpose of eviscerating them.

Authorities found two dog heads in his freezer, and it’s suspected there may have been more.

If Waco’s “Crazy Cat Lady” does turn out to be the real deal, do you think that 18 months is a long enough sentence?

[Images via World News Daily Report, linked above]

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