Rudy: Abused Horse Rescued Near Death After Losing Ears And Eyelids To Dogs

Donations have poured in from around the world for Rudy, an abused horse found near death in Oklahoma, who lost both his ears and eyelids to dogs while trapped in barbed wire.

Oklahoma City Animal Control received a call Thursday night from a man reporting a dead horse on his property, according to News 9. When officials reached the scene, however, they quickly realized that the horse was still alive.

The horse was tangled in barbed wire fencing, missing both of its ears and eyelids, and had suffered a severe skull fracture. Left in freezing temperatures, the equine also exhibited multiple lacerations on its body. Oklahoma City Animal Control Supervisor Trace Lyons noted that evidence suggested the horse had been repeatedly assaulted by other animals.

“I don’t know what his motive was for saying it was dead, either he was just guessing because it was just laying in the mud in the cold and rain, but when we arrived we realized the horse was still alive.”

The horse was transported to Blaze’s Tribute Equine Rescue center, according to the Daily Mail, where veterinarians administered antibiotics and bandaged the animal’s wounds. After receiving several days of constant care, the horse is now able to stand, walk, and eat with ease, despite his horrific injuries. The horse has received support from across the globe, as a crowdfunding page established for his care quickly surpassed its goal of $8,000. So far, double that amount has been raised for Rudy’s rehabilitation.

Oklahoma City Animal Control is currently pursuing charges against the man who called them to remove Rudy from his property.

“They didn’t even go out there to check on him to see if he was alive,” one of the horse’s rescuers noted. “They didn’t call a vet to come out and help or anything like that, and I think that’s the most distressing thing.”

Last year, a horse found near the point of death in England made an astonishing recovery. As the Inquisitr previously reported, the equine was found abandoned in a field and emaciated, weighing just 700 pounds. With proper care, the horse was able to recover and avoid being euthanized.

Rudy’s caretakers wrote on Facebook that the horse was starved for attention, and couldn’t get enough of the positive support he has experienced.

“If you try to leave, he tries to come with you… Here is the deal guys, this horse has a fighting chance and will have a good quality of life.”

After the horse’s doctors say he has recovered fully from the abuse he suffered, Rudy will be adopted by one of the many families who have already offered to take him in.

[Image: Facebook via the Daily Mail]

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