Nazi Cows: Ultra-Aggressive Breed Resurrected By Hitler’s Scientists Try To Kill Farm Staff

A farmer in England has disposed of several of his cows, after the super aggressive breed that was resurrected by Nazi scientists attempted to kill several of his farmhands.

Farmer Derek Gow imported 13 of the cows to his Upcott Grange Farm in Lifton, Devon, in 2009, according to the Daily Mail. Known as Heck cattle, the cows are a type of Auroch, an animal that hadn’t set foot on British soil since the Bronze age, dying out in the Isles 4,000 years ago. Surviving in Europe until 1627, the Auroch were hunted to extinction, before Nazi scientists attempted to resurrect the breed.

Adolf Hitler tasked brothers Heinz and Lutz Heck, leading geneticists, with bringing the cows back into existence. The brothers found the descendants of the species in various herds of cattle, located in the Scottish Highlands, Corsica and the French Camargue, in addition to Spanish fighting bulls. Identifying specific Auroch genes in the cows, the pair were able to breed a new version of the species, Heck cattle. The cows flourished, and were used as Nazi propaganda in the 1930s, as Hitler viewed them as a symbol of German and Aryan might.

Gow, 49, has had to get rid of seven of the cows he imported, due to their overly aggressive tendencies, according to the Guardian.

“The ones we had to get rid of would just attack you any chance they could,” Gow recalled. “They would try to kill anyone. Dealing with that was not a lot of fun at all. I have worked with a range of different animals from bison to deer and I have never come across anything like these. They are by far and away the most aggressive animals I have ever worked with.”

Gow also noted that the cows’ aggression is no accident, and was actually bred into the species by the Nazis.

“When the Germans were selecting them to create this animal they used Spanish fighting cattle to give them the shape and ferocity they wanted. The reason the Nazis were so supportive of the project is they wanted them to be fierce and aggressive.”

The cows aren’t the only lingering remnant of the Nazi regime. As the Inquisitr previously noted, police in Brazil were stunned to find a large swastika emblazoned on the bottom of a swimming pool as they flew overhead earlier this year.

Unable to find a new home for the cows, Gow sent them to an abattoir, where they will be turned into sausage. Questioning how appealing Third Reich sausages would be, he noted that they wouldn’t be marketed as the product of Nazi cows.

[Image: via the Daily Mail]

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