Xbox Live Goes Down Again, Frustrations Continue To Build

Xbox Live has had a rough start to their new year with hackings and downtime, leaving users beyond frustrated.

Xbox Live users reportedly suffered though yet another outage Sunday, this time experiencing sign-in issues and error messages/codes such as “0x87DD0006,” according to Gamepur. Microsoft has confirmed the outage on their Xbox Live support page. The company has their website updated with a message to users that reads that social and gaming is limited at this time.

As stated earlier, this isn’t the first outage that Xbox Live members have had to deal with recently. In fact, Microsoft’s Xbox Live wasn’t the only system to suffer from major outages. According to previous reports by the Inquisitr, both Xbox and the PlayStation Network experienced extended outages thanks to the hands of a group who calls themselves Lizard Squad.

While PlayStation suffered the most during the holiday outages, that doesn’t mean Xbox Live users weren’t frustrated with the downtime. Many users were returning users, but believed their new systems were at fault for the problems. Most of the downtime issues resulting from the Lizard Squad attacks have since been resolved, though the recurring outages are leaving Xbox Live users more and more frustrated.

Just check out some of these Twitter messages.

@cav81 my Xbox live is down. I’m missing the darts!

— Alan Williams (@racingcarbedboy) January 4, 2015

While the Xbox Live website still says that the servers are limited, it seems like some users have since been able to reconnect. Will Xbox users see any compensation for the Xbox Live downtime? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

[Image via Twitter]