WWE News: Backstage Update On Cesaro And How His WWE RAW Promo Was Seen

WWE Superstar Cesaro is well-liked by many WWE fans, and even the talent in WWE likes him a lot. So why has Cesaro had start-stop pushes the last few years? Arguably, Cesaro had a great start to his 2014 year. Then suddenly, he went downhill the rest of the year. So what happened? Many could speculate that Cesaro was given a lot right off and then WWE took it all away by the middle of the summer.

Why though? Why was Cesaro given a lot to suddenly have it taken away time and time again? The answer is complicated. According to Daily Wrestling News, his speech regarding his 2014 on WWE RAW was not a shoot but it was WWE’s way of allowing Cesaro to say something to change some minds, of which he didn’t manage to do. The speech bombed to many, and the same was seen backstage.

The “4 ropes” comment was seen as a little weird by many fans. Of course, Cesaro clarified his words but the plan the entire time before the promo was to bury him with the return of Wade “Bad News” Barrett. So even in the time WWE was allowing Cesaro to state his problems, they were always going to have him lose the match he was up for.

Cesaro has had issues backstage off and on, which led to his pushes going down here and there. At one point, many thought Cesaro was thinking he was better than he was and WWE wanted to show him he was not. For example, during his United States Title run, Cesaro came off dominate, but toward the end of it and a little after, they had him come out acting like George “The Animal” Steele minus the chewing of the ring pad.

Cesaro Zeb

Cesaro had an attitude off and on, as reported here and there.

Despite this, he is considered quite talented and a perfect fit for what WWE wants in a WWE Superstar. He’s got a great look, great in-ring ability, and he’s heavily marketable. He also knows five languages, which helps on World Tours. He simply has no charisma, according to his detractors.

On paper, nothing is off regarding Cesaro. This is why many fans do not understand the issues with him. Vince McMahon spoke about this on the WWE Network when Steve Austin asked him about Cesaro on the Austin Podcast a while back.

McMahon said that Cesaro didn’t seem to connect with the fans. Keep in mind, he does with internet fans, but WWE treats the casual fan as their guide to what a WWE Superstar or Diva can be. If the casual fan likes them, WWE thinks that the hardcore ones will too. Cesaro doesn’t seem to be favored there.

Heyman Cesaro

WWE tried to help themselves out with this issue by pairing Cesaro up with Paul Heyman. WWE did this with various people such as Brock Lesnar in the past, so it only makes sense to see success with Cesaro if Heyman is with him. Again, things got in the way of the Cesaro/Heyman partnership and it ended.

According to WWE, it all comes down to Cesaro. McMahon stated it before, and it seems that his words hold true now. He simply doesn’t connect as well as he should.

Cesaro didn’t do himself any favors with how he came off on WWE RAW. So, can we expect a yearly Cesaro push this year? Possibly not. There have been rumors of a Cesaro release, however most feel WWE does not hate Cesaro or want to cut him.

The fact that Cesaro is on WWE programming each week should indicate that he isn’t hated or unusable. Cesaro is tough to put with stories due to his lack of mic work, so he is usually thrown into something random. Most feel that he is talented, but lacks what can make him great. The true reason the push was halted in the WWE is the company does not have confidence that it was working. This has happened numerous times to Cesaro, so will they continue to try? That is up in the air.

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