Beckie Brown-Smith: Oklahoma Mother Shoots, Kills Both Sons While They Sleep In Double Murder Suicide

Beckie Brown Smith, aka Beckie Smith, shot and killed both of her adult sons in their near Webbers Falls, Oklahoma home. According to Fox-23, Muscogee County deputies made the discovery, and stated that it appeared to be a double murder suicide.

A look around the crime scene indicated that the fatal blow came from the mother, Beckie Brown Smith. Law enforcement officials say that when they arrived at the home near Webbers Falls in a rural section of Muskogee County, they found the bodies of three white individuals — an older woman and two young men — lying unresponsive. The victims were identified as Beckie Brown Smith, the mother, and her two sons, Levi and Garrett Brown. An examination of the bodies concluded that they had all suffered gunshot wounds to the body. All three people were already dead by the time police arrived, according to News-9.

Deputies also found an accompanying note but are still trying to ascertain a motive. What they do know is that at some point, Beckie Brown Smith took out her rifle, walked in to where her sons were sleeping, and shot them. She then turned the gun on herself, leading many in the community to wonder what could have happened.

Those who know the family say that mental illness and general illness could have been a factor, but that has not been established. Others say that they know Beckie Brown Smith personally, and that she was a very nice person.

Though in the weeks leading up to the double murder suicide, Beckie Smith indicated that she was having some problems in her life, and that she would appreciate prayers from all of her loved ones. In what appears to be the last message posted to her Facebook account, she states the following.

“I just wanted to tell all of you my wonderful amazing family members here on facebook how much I appreciate how very kind you all are always to me. I have been through hell for the last month and you have all been so very kind to me!”

In another posting, she states something similar.

“I just want to tell all of the people that I love on here to have a wonderful Thanksgiving!! And, if it’s not too much trouble would you please say an extra prayer for me. I could really use it!”

Beckie Brown Smith also shared that one of her sons was having a very tough time. Both adult boys, who are in their 20s, were living in the home with their mother due to marriage difficulties. In June, Inquisitr reported on the deaths of four people in a home in Turlock. The deaths were classified as a murder suicide.

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