Niall Horan Complains About Band Life, Reveals One Direction Backup Plan

Niall Horan recently revealed that being a member of the biggest boy band in the world isn’t as amazing as it seems — hearing thousands of fans scream your name can get irritating and exhausting, and sometimes, a hotel room can feel a bit like a prison cell.

During an interview with NOW Magazine, Niall Horan opened up about the downside of One Direction’s massive popularity. The singer revealed that being on the road can get “lonely,” and he shared an anecdote about the horrors of being trapped inside a hotel room because of overenthusiastic fans.

“It can be quite frustrating being stuck in a hotel. I remember in Peru – I got up, went into Louis [Tomlinson’s] room and said: ‘Right, what we doing today?’ and he goes: ‘We should go shopping!’ Then we looked out the window. There were 10,000 people on the street outside our hotel.”

Niall Horan also shared the backup plan he devised just in case One Direction failed to find success after The X Factor. According to the singer, he simply would have returned to school and moved on with his life.

“I actually went into school and told the teacher that we’d got through to the live shows and he said: Come back when you want. So I was lucky that my school were really supportive.”

This isn’t the first time Horan has lamented the loss of being able to lead a normal life. According to Metro, Niall blamed being in a boy band for cutting his childhood short.

“My childhood was cut short by The X Factor because One Direction took off and I never really got the chance to finish school or do my exams or anything like that,” Horan wrote in the 1D autobiography Who We Are. Horan didn’t really think about what would happen if he found success on Simon Cowell’s reality show, so he wasn’t prepared to start living the scream-filled, surreal life of a pop superstar.

“After the first audition, I packed up everything in my life in a bag. I didn’t realize at the time that, when I was stuffing clothes into the little suitcase, that was pretty much me leaving home for good.”

Being in a boy band might not be easy, but Niall Horan isn’t leaving One Direction and going back to school anytime soon. As the Inquisitr previously reported, media outlets Yahoo! Celebrity UK and Sugarscape recently sent out tweets claiming that Niall had quit the band. However, both websites later reported that their Twitter accounts had been hacked.

A source told Hollywood Life that Harry Styles and Horan’s other band mates found the hacking prank so hilarious that they decide to treat poor Niall like he was no longer a member of One Direction.

“Harry thought it would be funny if he had the whole band act like Niall was out of the band and started talking to him and treating him like he was in the past tense, they ran with it all day.”

With band mates like that, could you blame Niall Horan if he decided to actually walk away from 1D someday?

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