Kaleigh Lambert: Guilty Looking Ohio State Fan Was Actually With Her Boyfriend, Family Members Say

Kaleigh Lambert appeared on camera during the Ohio State game in what appeared to be a moment of infidelity, but family members say the young man she was awkwardly stroking was actually her boyfriend.

The video of Lambert went viral after Ohio State’s win over Alabama. In the short clip, Lambert was seen gently stroking the head of the young man sitting next to her. But as soon as Kaleigh realized she was on camera she immediately stopped, in what appeared to be a very guilty moment.

The video of the Ohio State fan led many to believe that the young fan was caught with her sidepiece, or a love interest other than her boyfriend.

It also made Lambert one of the most famous fans, with a popular Vine of the incident racking up tens of thousands of shares.

But some blogs started doing their homework, and found out that the young man Kaleigh Lambert was stroking was actually her boyfriend, Colton Mulholland.

The Daily Mail was even able to track down Lambert’s mother, who confirmed that Kaleigh and Colton were dating.

“She simply did not know what to do with her hand and just left her boyfriend to his own devices after trying to make him feel better.

When the Daily Mail spoke to Kaleigh’s mother Suzanne, she said that her daughter had been seeing Colton, “for quite some time” and said that the Lamberts and the Mullhollands were family friends.

As further proof, the Daily Mail included several pictures of Kaleigh and Colton together, looking very much like a couple.

With Ohio State pulling off the upset of Alabama and advancing to the national championship game against Oregon, the question now is whether Kaleigh Lambert and Colton Mulholland will travel to Arlington, Texas, to watch the game, and whether the Ohio State fan will look a little less guilty this time if she’s caught on camera.