Stuck On A Zip Line: Tourist Rescued From Las Vegas SlotZilla Fremont Street Experience

This YouTube video shows the way the SlotZilla zip line is supposed to work, a thing of beauty as it zips tourists across the Fremont Street Experience in Las Vegas.

However, a Canadian tourist found himself hanging about eight stories over a Las Vegas street from the SlotZilla zip line on Friday for almost an hour before he was rescued from the zip line by firefighters, reports NBC.

According to the official SlotZilla website, they offer both a zip line and “zoom line” experience, with the 12-story zip line being called one of the best things to experience in Las Vegas, costing $20 and starting as high as 77 feet in the air, and the zoom line costing double the price of the zip line, at $40 per ride, which begins higher at 10 stories in the air – or 114 feet high. The zoom line looks more daring in that it is higher and offers riders a “prone” or “superhero style” forward flying experience.

The stuck tourist was set free from the SlotZilla zip line at approximately 3 p.m. and suffered no injuries. Both the man and his wife received a full refund for their zip line rides, even though the stuck tourist’s wife completed her zip line trip successfully.

As reported by the Inquisitr, the SlotZilla zip line was a highly anticipated, exciting and first of its kind type of Las Vegas ride before it opened.

However, news of riders getting stuck on zip line rides is nothing new. This reporter indulged in her first zip line ride while visiting Kalahari Waterpark Resorts in Sandusky, Ohio, and I absolutely loved the experience. It felt like I was flying as I sailed from post to post on a sturdy zip line and forced myself not to look down too often, but looked across at the greenery of the trees – undergoing an amazing thrill that made me want to visit other zip lines across the country.

During the zip line rides, I did see a few zip line riders here and there getting temporarily stuck, not making it all the way back to the platform. However, the employees would simply use a long tool to reach up and slide the stuck zip line rider safely to the platform, without having to wait anywhere near an hour. Apparently the conditions of the stuck SlotZilla zip line rider involved more complex maneuverings.

[Image via Ryan Goodman]

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