Deer Roam Freely At FBI Training Facility, Don’t Mind Loud Gunshots

The FBI training ground in Quantico, Virginia are home to more than 1 million marksman bullets every single month, yet that hasn’t stopped local Deer from roaming the area freely with very little hesitation.

The AP reports that the grounds are actually home to various animals including groundhogs, free-roaming black bears, turkeys and foxes, all who share the 547-acre space with academy recruits and FBI agents in the midst of training.

According to one special agent the deers will sometimes come with 15 feet of targets:

“They’re pretty immune to the sound, they’re just so docile around here. They don’t know what a gun is.”

In fact the deer feel so safe on FBI grounds that new recruits are taught how to avoid them on driving courses. In some cases recruits say the local deer population will actually star at them as they undergo various physical training exercises.

The chief physical trainer tells the Associate Press of their observant friends:

“They just stand there and watch as if they’re evaluating them, just like the instructors are.”

Unfortunately for deers who pass over onto the neighboring Marine Corps based they aren’t so lucky, limited hunting is allowed by soldiers.

I want to meet the first brave deer who managed to walk within 15 minutes of the firing range, they were either one very smart or very stupid wild animal.

Do you find in interesting that so many deers have become use to the sound of bullets and mayhem that surrounds them at the FBI training facility?

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