‘Twin Peaks’ Fans Prepare For The Series Return In 2016

Twin Peaks fans are already preparing for the return of the chilling series in 2016, 25 years after David Lynch and Mark Frost, the the show’s creators, captivated ABC audiences. Twin Peaks will air on Showtime in 2016 and both Lynch and Frost will be collaborating again. Even more exciting to fans, Twin Peaks will continue the story-line like the haunting warning predicted 25 years ago, as Inquisitr previously reported, rather than merely remaking the original series as some feared.

In the original series, a paranormal murder investigation tackled the mystery, “What happened to Laura Palmer?” Palmer was the small northwestern town’s homecoming queen. After her murder, the investigation forced the townspeople, and all the show’s characters, to take a hard look into the dark side of the town and themselves. The year 2016 will mark the 25th anniversary of the Twin Peaks series finale, the episode with the infamous Red Room, the Atlantic reported.

In the Red Room, an extra-dimensional space that left fans yearning for more information rather than bringing full closure, Laura Palmer told Agent Cooper, “I’ll see you again in 25 years.”

Twin Peaks will air only as a limited series of nine new episodes which are set in the present day. According to Showtime, in 2016, fans will finally be offered “long-awaited answers and a satisfying conclusion.”

Many Twin Peaks fans — a passionate bunch — have the previous two seasons on DVD and even on VHS, and are buzzing on social media that they are re-watching the older Twin Peaks episodes so that when the series returns in 2016, they won’t miss even the subtlest of innuendos that time might have blurred from their memories.

Fans are genuinely examining all of the details of the earlier two seasons.

For fans who don’t have access to the original two seasons though, or for soon-to-be new fans, Showtime will re-air the original series before the new episodes, according to the network. In the meantime, Twin Peaks fans are also reminiscing about just about everything related to the series.

Reporting that Twin Peaks fans are excited about the return of their beloved show in 2016 and for their decades-old questions to be answered would be an understatement, because Twin Peaks fans are like Walking Dead fans. It’s more than mere excitement. USA Today described Twin Peaks as a “cult favorite.”

According to some, Twin Peaks was the series that showed producers just how loyal fans of this genre of television could be.

“In some ways, Twin Peaks was the precursor to all of the high-quality, provocative serialized drama that we all do now,” Gary Levine said, according to the Atlantic. Levine is Showtime’s executive vice president of original programming and oversaw the series when it originally aired on ABC.

Are you a loyal fan? If so, what are you doing to prepare for the return of Twin Peaks in 2016?

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