‘Twin Peaks’ Returning To Television in 2016

Twin Peaks is making it’s triumphant return to television on Showtime in 2016. That announcement is good news standing on its own, but David Lynch threw fans of the series even more good news by announcing the new season will be a continuation of the first two and not a remake. Making sure the third season is as good as the first two is undoubtedly important to the original creators, considering both (David Lynch and Mark Frost) are returning to collaborate on this Showtime Network version of Twin Peaks.

Frost and Lynch have been getting fans ready for a return to Twin Peaks with some rather cryptic tweets over the last few days. On Friday, an author of a book that took a long look at the original series told fans to get excited and that an announcement was coming today, Monday. Frost and Lynch teased fans by tweeting a line hinting at the enigmatic show.

“Dear Twitter Friends: That gum you like is going to come back in style! #damngoodcoffee.”

Twin Peaks has been off the air for 25 years, but has had a strong cult following ever since it went black. That following is finally being rewarded with the announcement today. Lynch took to Twitter again to let people know, using a short teaser video to break the news. The tweet included the message “it’s happening again.”

Digital Spy reports Showtime has ordered a shortened season of nine episodes for Twin Peaks, but one has to wonder if this is just the beginning should the devoted following lead to great ratings. The show will kick off in 2016, though neither Lynch or Showtime is giving a ton of details for the Twin Peaks return beyond the year. It seems likely that since this is the third season, and not a reboot first season, at least some of the original cast and characters are coming back. Kyle MacLachlan starred in the first two seasons as FBI special agent Dale Cooper. Cooper traveled to the town of Twin Peaks in order to investigate the murder of homecoming queen Laura Palmer (played by Sheryl Lee).

How this new season of Twin Peaks will account for the quarter of a century that has passed in real time is anyone’s guess. It seems likely Lynch and Frost could use the trippy nature of the show as a backdrop for the aging of Cooper and others. It’s also not known how the spinoff feature film, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, will fit into this new season.

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