‘American Horror Story’: Denis O’Hare To Return Next Season?

American Horror Story fans were glad to hear the TV phenomenon will return for a fifth season, although Jessica Lange has already announced that this season’s American Horror Story: Freak Show installment would be her last. But what actors will be returning? While nothing is official yet, Denis O’Hare says he is definitely on board for the next season if creator Ryan Murphy gives him the call, according to Examiner.com.

“He would love for me to be in next season [of American Horror Story], but that’s an informal invitation. When I joined last year I signed a two year contract, so the idea is that I would come back for this year. But until he comes up with the idea and until he finds parts for us, we really have to wait. Last year I got a call, I think about mid-January, where he offered me Stanley, so this year if it all follows the same pattern I should be hearing from him sometime in January or February.”

O’Hare played the somewhat (okay, more than somewhat) demented butler Spalding to witchy diva Jessica Lange in American Horror Story: Coven, marking his second turn with the series. He played Larry Harvey in the premiere season. This year, O’Hare returned as the seedy, morally bankrupt Stanley, plotting to turn his own profit off the freaks in Miss Elsa’s show.

Each season of American Horror Story has a different setting, story, and characters, although the show has garnered a reputation for becoming a performance troupe in itself, with many actors returning for subsequent seasons.

In a sense, it’s become a sort of family of actors returning to play the crazy characters Murphy helps bring to life, according to Angela Bassett. Kathy Bates and Bassett joined American Horror Story: Coven last season and returned this year to play a bearded lady and a woman with three breasts, respectively.


O’Hare has certainly had some uncomfortable scenes this year portraying a rather seedy con man with a racy sex life. With his character Stanley, AHS once again pushed the boundaries of what could be done on TV and loves to make us squirm, but is the show going too far? Is O’Hare hoping to come back with a somewhat normal character for the next round? He told Examiner.com he is open to whatever happens.

“While watching last week’s episode while I was standing in the road basically doing obscene things to Michael Chiklis I thought, can we push the envelope further? How much envelope is left? But we never know what’s going to happen. It’s Ryan’s world and we just wait for word.”

What do you think of this season’s American Horror Story and Denis O’Hare’s shady character, Stanley?

[Image courtesy of FX]