Malia Obama Looking Into Attending College In The ‘Most Liberal City’ In America

Malia Obama is starting to look into colleges, and critics of President Obama may have a field day with her decision.

The 16-year-old First Daughter has started to think about where she will attend after her senior year of high school, and is reportedly down to two very different choices.

The first is Stanford University, the Palo Alto university with a reputation for strength in research and its somewhat conservative nature. She would not be the first presidential daughter to attend Stanford, as Chelsea Clinton is also an alumna.

But Malia Obama is also considering a very different choice. She has also looked into attending California’s flagship public university at Berkeley, known as one of the most liberal institutions in the nation.

Berkely itself is the most liberal city in California, Business Insider found.

“Business Insider recently created a map that depicts the most liberal and most conservative city in each state. The classification “liberal,” as used by Business Insider, is determined by one’s affinity for the Democratic Party, tolerance for abortion, secular habits, locational preferences for residence, as well as beliefs on climate change, gun policy and government involvement in regard to taxes. By these standards, our city of Berkeley was recently named the most liberal city in California.”

Others have pegged Berkeley as the most liberal city in the United States.

Wherever she attends, Malia Obama is likely prepared. In a speech last month, Michelle Obama said that kids today are preparing for college “long before they even start high school.”

“Honestly, when Barack and I talk about this, we look at the college counseling many of the kids are getting today and we wonder how we ever managed to get ourselves into college,” she said.

If Malia Obama were to pick Berkeley, it would likely become more fodder for President Obama’s critics, who paint him as one of the most liberal presidents in history. Malia has been a target of criticism in the past, including a false report that she was pregnant that went viral last month.

While Malia Obama may not have her college picked out yet, she reportedly knows what she wants to do. Her father Barack Obama said she wants to become a filmmaker.

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