Philippines Flooding Claims 1,200 Lives, More Deaths Expected As Search Continues

The Philippines navy, local fisherman, police and firefighters have joined forces in the hopes of widening their ongoing search efforts for survivors and the deceased of a massive flood that has already claimed the lives of more than 1,200 people.

The country has also packed more than 60,000 homeless citizens into schools and gymnasiums, many of whom are located in the two worst-hit cities of Cagayan de Oro and Iligan.

Search officials say they have retrieved 150 bodies from areas as far as 60 miles out to see.

According to officials the death toll sits at 1,236 as of Monday morning with two-thirds of the bodies still unidentified and more bodies floating away faster than authorities can reclaim them.

An official for the Philippines government noted:

“We’ve stopped counting the missing. There are no accurate figures,” adding, “Those recovered, we don’t know who they are.”

In the meantime the entire country has banned together including Communist guerrillas in the south who cancelled their movement’s 43rd anniversary celebration on Monday and promised to donate money to flood victims. In a moment of political outrage the group also promised to punish multinational companies who they blame for the flood because of “environmental destruction.”

Speaking about their reaction to multinational entities a rebel said they had sought funds from giant banana and pineapple plantations:

“Some were lukewarm to our call,” he said. “That’ll be a factor when we decide which ones to punish first for this destruction.”

Search efforts are expected to continue over the coming days and weeks.

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