Kate Middleton’s Family Of Prime Importance To Prince William Who’s ‘Making His Own Rules’

It is without a doubt that Kate Middleton’s parents, Carole and Michael Middleton, won the lottery when they welcomed Prince William as their son-in-law three years ago. Their beautiful daughter, elegant and always the picture of composure with a kind and gentle yet confident manner, gained William’s affection, and it is clear that his fondness extends to Kate’s entire family.

Carole and Michael Middleton, image via E online
Carole and Michael Middleton, image via E online

William recently demonstrated this by breaking from usual traditions when it comes to his family’s interactions and boundaries with the in-laws. He has stepped up as a gallant and devoted son-in-law, and seems to be putting Kate and her family at the top of his list of priorities, which in effect will most likely lead to him being an outstanding king, “broken traditions” and all.

Most recently, as E! Online notes, “the 32-year-old broke royal tradition and invited all of the Middletons including Kate’s parents and siblings to join his family at church on Christmas morning.” This marks the first time that non-royals attended the gathering.

Ingrid Seward, editor-in-chief of Majesty magazine, tells People that this invitation would have come directly from William, adding, “William is making his own rules – he’s not sticking to tradition but the Queen has to move with the times and she’s good like that.”

The relationship between William and Kate’s parents has quite evidently been further solidified with the birth of their first child, George. Interestingly enough, it was not to the royal residence where the new parents brought their first born after the birth, but to the Middleton’s home.

Carole has also been a frequent visitor to William and Kate’s home as of late and during the early stages of Kate’s second pregnancy, when the duchess was experiencing severe morning sickness. E notes that Carole “visited often and even stayed over to help cook and care for the youngest family member.” In addition, when the pair traveled to New York together, Kate’s mother was George’s primary caregiver.

The amicable ties even extend to little George’s uncles. Prince Harry and Kate Middleton’s brother, James, get on extremely well and recently played soccer together, as People recalls, “[I]n the Sandringham estate’s annual charity match on Christmas Eve and it’s believed that Prince William’s in-laws were also invited to the traditional Boxing Day shoot – another clear sign that William is keen to integrate the two families as much as possible.”

Prince Harry and James Middleton team up, image via Buzzfeed
Prince Harry and James Middleton team up, image via Buzzfeed

And if that’s not enough, Prince William will soon begin his newly acquired role as air ambulance helicopter pilot for the East Anglian Air Ambulance in the spring, which will require he and Kate, along with their little ones, to make Anmer Hall their official homestead.

Of course, Prince William will be formally employed by Bond Air Services and yes he will draw a salary, but in true Will and Kate fashion, the couple will donate that salary in full to charity.

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