Please Touch Museum May Have Been A Breeding Ground For Measles Virus [Report]

The Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia was part of a high-risk alert, after a person who was initially suspected as having measles visited earlier this week. A nearby CVS pharmacy was also placed on the same alert.

Measles is a highly contagious virus which appears as a spot-like rash which covers the body and can be dangerous to those with pre-existing health issues. Other symptoms include respiratory problems and a high fever, and the measles virus can be present up to two weeks before they appear. The virus can remain contagious for up to two hours after initial contact with an infected surface, and can stay airborne for hours later. Those who are most immune are those who have had it before or been vaccinated.

It was assumed that the person in question may have been a child because that is the audience the Pennsylvania museum caters to. The Philadelphia Please Touch Museum is unique for allowing children to get up close and personal with its exhibits, and as such makes it a perfect breeding ground for highly contagious skin-borne infections.

The visit happened on Sunday, December 28, and had the potential to infect thousands.

It was later revealed by health officials that the person in question did not have the measles virus, but measures were taken to prevent the possibility of a spreading infection. It was not revealed whether the person was a child or adult.

People were told to avoid the area if they had not been given an active MMR vaccine (measles, mumps, and rubella).

ABC News claims the scare is over for Southeastern Philadelphia, according to Pennsylvania health secretary Michael Wolf.

“Based on initial information received from those involved in the treatment of the individual and based on initial investigation by the department, it was believed this was a likely case of measles and public notification was made out of an abundance of caution.”

The Please Touch Museum and the nearby CVS pharmacy at 316 East Lancaster Avenue are officially safe again, but if you or someone you know has measles, please be cautious and see a doctor.

[Image via Ewing Cole Digital Media Group]

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