2012 Presidential Election Set to Be Most Expensive in History; Obama Seeks to Raise More Than $750 Million

How much does it cost to be president? The 2012 presidential race could be the most expensive in history as President Obama has already raised close to $200 million as he seeks re-election in 2012.

According to the Daily Mail, Obama raised around $155 million through September and is predicting to raise more than $60 million in the fourth quarter. With $200 million already in his campaign pocket and plenty of time to raise money before the election, Obama is on track to surpass the $750 million mark his campaign set in 2008.

Steven Cohen, a campaign fundraiser based in Chicago, said:

“Enthusiasm for the White House’s policies has been steadily increasing and it will keep increasing… Among the people who I have talked to, they are seeing a real demonstration of the president’s commitment to stand his ground.”

And Obama isn’t the only candidate expected to bring big money to the table in 2012. Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, and Ron Paul have all raised more than $10 million so far during 2011.

According to the Daily Mail, Romney has raised the most campaign funds so far. As of September, Romney has raised $32.2 million, nearly twice as much as the other candidates. Rick Perry has raised $17.2 million and Ron Paul has raised $12.6 million.

Fox reports that Obama attended 15 campaign fundraising events in the fourth quarter. The president is currently taking a holiday with his family in Hawaii and isn’t expected to do any more fundraising this year.

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