Child Walks Away From Plane Wreckage In Kentucky As Only Survivor

A plane has crashed in the southwestern part of Kentucky with only one survivor. ABC News reports that a seven-year-old child is the sole survivor of the crash that took the lives of the pilot and three other people. The details of this story are still developing, but reports indicate that the small personal aircraft crashed after the pilot experienced some engine trouble.

KLAS-TV News reports that the young girl wandered from the wreckage without any life-threatening injuries. She managed to find her way to a person’s home, where she was able to let them know what happened. She was reportedly disoriented, but in good enough shape to tell authorities what happened. It could be considered a miracle by some, the fact that this child survived a plane crash that took the lives of four other people.

Reports aren’t sharing whether or not the seven-year-old survivor crashed with her family, but it’s being presumed on social media and in the comments on the published news reports that the little girl witnessed the deaths of her family and the pilot before miraculously walking from the wreckage. She was taken to the hospital to be treated for her injuries (which were nonlethal), but there haven’t been any other updates about her condition or if she has family who can take her in after this horrible accident.

Sadly, this fatal accident isn’t the only plane crash in the news. KOB 4 News reports that two people were killed in a crash in Vaughn, New Mexico, on Friday. The identities of the two persons killed in the wreckage have not yet been released by officials and are reportedly not known at this time.

Of course, the news surrounding AirAsia Flight 8501 has also been a heavy focus of attention in the media these days. The Northwest Herald reports that many of the victims of the plane crash were found still belted in their seats. The plane contained 162 passengers, none of which reportedly survived the tragic accident.

With all of the fatal airplane crashes in the news, this young child is extremely lucky to be a survivor, even if it does mean that she may have lost close members of her family. Hopefully she is not too heavily traumatized by the events that have taken place. She needs time to heal, and she certainly needs privacy before people begin asking her to tell her story of survival.

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