World War 3 Predictions For 2015 Claim U.S. ‘Culture Of Death,’ Not Vladimir Putin, May Cause A Holocaust

Many World War 3 predictions for 2015 focus on Vladimir Putin, Russia’s nuclear weapons, and the Ukraine crisis. Two authors named John Zmirak and Jason Jones believe another underlying threat could cause a new holocaust, saying that a United States “culture of death” could lead to concentration camps and millions of deaths.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, less than a month ago Ron Paul declared that a “reckless” Congress essentially declared war on Vladimir Putin and Russia based upon U.S. House Resolution 758, which authorized President Obama to give Ukraine lethal aid. Government-funded Russian media warned that giving lethal aid to Ukraine could lead to World War 3 if the U.S. Senate passed similar legislation. After signing the bill into law on December 18, 2014, President Obama now has two months to enact the actions required by the Ukraine Freedom Support Act, which would give $350 million in military aid to Ukraine.

In addition, some predictions for 2015 claim a confrontation over Arctic oil, not the Ukraine crisis, which could trigger World War 3. Vladimir Putin has also set the stage for a new World War by officially declaring that both NATO and the United States are the top threats to Russia.

John Zmirak notes that the 20th century saw the advance of mass “democide,” where governments murdered 133.1 million of their own citizens. According to the author, nobody could have imagined these evils at the turn of the century, but they “came about because modern secular philosophy had undermined the core principles of the moral law that the Judeo-Christian civilization had relied upon for centuries.” Jason Jones thinks that World War 3 could include a new holocaust, and claims that certain political beliefs set the stage for Americans allowing it to happen.

“Abortion I would say is the rock foundation of the culture of death,” Jones said. “If we don’t see full legal protection for the human person from the moment of biological beginning through natural death, you can expect your children or grandchildren to die in the gulag, to die in the concentration camp.”


The two men note that the assassination of archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria led to a World War, and one of their predictions for 2015 claims that recent events could be a trigger for World War 3 in the 21st century.

“Everyone thought that the 20th century would be an era of peace, progress, international tranquility, and wealth. Then one archduke got shot in Austria and 20 million people died. And then 20 years later that war laid the groundwork for another war in which 60 million people died,” Zmirak explained, and Jones agreed by saying, “From Ebola to the border crisis to Russia invading Ukraine to the war in Israel to the ethnic cleansing of Christians across the Middle East, we see the same things happening today in our world that were happening 100 years ago with the Bolshevik Revolution, the Armenian genocide, and World War I.”

Another one of their 2015 predictions claims that the advances in technology, combined with big governments, cause the atrocities of China’s Mao Tse-Tung and the Soviet Union’s Josef Stalin to pale in comparison.

“[W]hen the government grows and steps into those roles, it invariably exerts control over people, and then you don’t have a free society anymore,” Jones said, according to CBN. “The next world war is going to be much shorter and immensely more violent. It’s unimaginable. To think of World War III is actually unimaginable.”

John Zmirak and Jason Jones have published their World War 3 predictions in a book called “The Race To Save Our Century.” What do you think about their ideas?

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