‘RHONJ’ Star Teresa Giudice Is Desperate For Pay As Former Inmate Speaks Out About Her Upcoming Prison Term

RHONJ star Teresa Giudice is looking for a quick payday ahead of the January 5 start to her 15-month prison term. Unfortunately, a new report claims no one is interested in working with the convicted felon.

“Teresa is still trying to rack up the pay days,” a source told Radar Online on January 2 “She was looking for paid holiday photo gigs with her family and personal appearances. She is trying to pocket all the money she can before heading off to the big house.”

Although the RHONJ did her best to generate positive publicity for herself, it appears no one wanted to associate with someone with a past such as hers.

“We’re told nobody even wanted her for press on New Year’s Eve,” the insider revealed.

In a new interview with OK! Magazine, Beatrice Codianni, who spent 15 years at Danbury, the Connecticut’s Federal Correctional Insitution where Giudice will serve her time, revealed what the RHONJ can expect.

According to Codianni, Giudice will get a “through [sic] strip search and a psychological assessment” when she arrives to the facility. Then, she’ll be given a set of clothing.

As the Inquisitr reported, Giudice is understandably not looking forward to her time behind bars, and one source claimed she’s in full-on denial.

“The clothing and the shoes have usually been worn before,” said Codianni. “She might be able to keep her own bra, but only if it isn’t underwire.”

“Teresa will be told when to get up, when to sleep, when she can shower and when she can eat,” Codianni continued. “Fellow inmates and the staff look down on white-collar people because they feel that they had every advantage and blew ’em, and if other inmates offer her snacks or other items, she should be prepared to repay them or pay it forward.”

While Giudice has known to be somewhat hot-tempered on RHONJ, Codianni claims any physical violence would certainly be a bad decision for Giudice.

“She may be tested by other inmates because of her notoriety, more in the way of snide remarks than threats,” said Codianni. “The staff will probably warn her not to let anyone get to her. Whatever Teresa does, she can’t lose control and get into a physical altercation with anyone.”

Giudice will enter prison on Monday. She was sentenced to 15 months in October, but at the time, the judge was lenient and allowed her to stay home for the holidays.

Codianni also spoke to Star Magazine about the RHONJ star’s upcoming prison term.

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