Man Knife In Head: Party-Goer Stabbed In Head, Drives 60 Miles With Knife In Skull

A man with a knife lodged in his head is lucky to be alive. But the bigger story is how the Brazilian party-goer was stabbed with a long knife in a vicious attack, and managed to drive some 60 miles to a hospital with the blade still lodged in his skull, citing a Daily Mail news report.

Juacelo Nunes was attending a house party in Agua Branca when he got into an altercation with another man at about 4:30 a.m. on Sunday morning. The dispute turned violent when the other man called over several others, who joined in on the attack.

Witnesses say during the brutal assault, one man removed a long blade, measuring some six inches, from his pocket and began stabbing the man about his body. A final swipe of the blade caused it to be embedded in the man’s head. Moments later, and without losing consciousness, the motorcycle taxi driver staggered to his vehicle.

Although he was bleeding heavily from multiple stab wounds, the injured man set a course for a hospital. Two hours later, he arrived at the emergency room in the northeastern Piaui state.

man knife in head
X-ray of man with knife in head

There, doctors raced to evaluate the trauma the man sustained. X-rays showed that the knife narrowly missed the man’s left eye and traveled through his mouth before being embedded in his upper right jaw. Staff with Nunes’ treatment team say the injuries could all have been fatal, as the blade severed nerves and arteries in the man’s face. Additionally, he suffered from wounds to his throat, shoulder, and chest.

After three hours of painstaking surgery, the knife was removed from the man’s head. A spokesperson at the hospital said the man is resting well and is expected to make a full recovery, despite suffering life-threatening injuries in the house party stabbing.

Nunes recalls little about the moment he was stabbed in the head with the knife’s blade. However, he was aware, and had the presence of mind to do whatever it took to save his life.

“I thought I would die and only came to believe when I saw what happened to me, because if someone told me I would not have believed it.’

The Inquisitr has written in the past about humans surviving shark, coyote, and even grizzly bear attacks. Arguably, this story of a man’s survival is among the most remarkable.

Miraculously, after getting stabbed in the head with a knife, the man plans to spend quality time at home with his family for an extended New Year’s 2015 celebration.

[Image via: WFSB]

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