Netanyahu: We Will Not Negotiate with Hamas

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave his first comments on the idea of Hamas joining the Palestine Liberation Organization and reconciling with Palestinian President Mahmood Abbas.

The Jerusalem Post is reporting that the Israeli Prime Minister, who was Speaking at the annual conference of the heads of Israel’s Delegations Abroad in Jerusalem, ruled out any negotiations with any Palestinian government that includes the Hamas Terrorist Organization.

He reiterated that while he supports the formation of a Palestinian State, Israel will not permit that Palestinian State to become like Gaza or Lebanon.

Israel unilaterally withdrew its army and civilians from all areas of Lebanon and Gaza years ago. Since then, Hezbollah has amassed an arsenal of over 10,000 missiles pointed at the Jewish state and Israel has endured tens of thousands of rockets fired into southern Israel from Gaza since they withdrew all forces from the coastal strip.

Hamas and the Palestinian Authority have reached several understanding recently allowing the two factions to unify. Elections are being called for this spring and Hamas will be participating and running its own candidates. The last time Hamas ran candidates in Palestinian elections they took a majority of the Parliament forcing Israel to suspend all contacts with the body.

Hamas reiterated to the press today, that although they are making strong attempts to unify the Palestinian population they have made no attempt to moderate their positions. Hamas does not recognize the right of Israel to exist at all and calls for the violent destruction of the Jewish State.

Netanyahu also restated his desire to meet with Palestinian President Mahmood Abbas at anytime, anywhere to restart peace talks without preconditions.

The Palestinians have refused to meet with the Israelis unless they agree to halt all settlement activity and accept the 1967 borders as a start to peace negotiations.

Watch a video here of Netanyahu explaining to President Obama the dangers of using the 1967 borders to start peace talks.

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