Man Abandons Wheel Of Speeding Minibus To Dance – Is Merely Fined For The Reckless Act

Engaging in any other activity while you are driving is a dangerous predicament. A man apparently thought it was okay to abandon the driving wheel entirely to engage in a dance while his vehicle sped on.

The video of a man letting go of his driving duties to perform “horon,” a traditional dance in Turkey’s Black Sea region, had gone viral. The driver can be seen briefly leaving the driver seat of a moving vehicle to perform the dance. Turkish authorities who watched the video identified the man as Metin Kandemir, a driver in Istanbul’s Sultanbeyli neighborhood, where the viral video was shot in his minibus by one of the passengers.

Astonishingly, the man has been let go with a just a fine of 160 Turkish Liras and suspension of his driving license. Speaking to the media, the man apologized for his act.

“It was a mistake. I apologize to everybody. I will not repeat it. I have been a minibus driver for the past 10 years and this is the first time that I did it.”

The video starts with the minibus barreling down a busy highway. With the music blaring in the background, Kandemir starts to sway with the rhythm. However, instead of just moving around in his seat as most drivers who are listening to music do, he decides to get up and move away from the driver’s seat. Thereafter, he performs the dance with one of the male co-passengers, before returning to his duty.

As the music continues to play, the passengers can be heard urging him to come back and dance again. Shockingly, despite his minibus speeding down the highway with vehicles in front, back and sideways, Kandemir once again steps away from the driver’s seat to dance. As if his stunts so far hadn’t endangered the lives of the passengers on board, the driver continues to dance to the tune. Even while seating in the driver’s seat, Kandemir is seen lifting his hands in the air to dance.

Though it is unclear how fast the minibus was traveling, judging by the video, it had quite a pace. Interestingly, it is also unclear how the driver managed to keep his minibus from swaying into the nearby lanes with no one at the wheel. The minibus appears to go quite straight without losing any momentum while the driver steps away.

Though fortunately no one was hurt, the video could be a shocking reminder that it is wrong for any driver to engage in any other activity while driving.

[Image Credit | Video Screen Grab]

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