Jimmy Fallon Yes, Justin Bieber No: Zillow’s List Of Most Desirable Celebrity Neighbors 2015

Jimmy Fallon has impressed Tonight Show audiences so much they not only want to watch him on television — they’d like him to be their neighbor. Zillow announced Fallon topped its survey of Most Desirable Celebrity Neighbors for the second year in a row.

At 10 percent overall, Fallon just edged out country super-couple Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton, who got 9 percent. Last year’s results also had Fallon on top with 11 percent and the Lambert-Sheltons in second place with 10 percent. In 2013, Miranda and Blake were on top while Fallon failed to make the list. Fallon started his Tonight Show hosting duties in February of 2014.

While Zillow had good news for Fallon, it had bad news for troubled pop star Justin Bieber. The newly-blonde Bieber topped the list of Worst Neighbors for 2014, at 34 percent. Bieber handily beat the second-place worst neighbors, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, at 22 percent. Miley Cyrus was in third place at 10 percent.

Although most of the Zillow survey respondents will never be Jimmy Fallon’s neighbors, some other noted celebrities may be. Fallon recently purchased an additional unit in a Gramercy Park building in Manhattan. That’s the same area where Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons lives with his partner, Todd Spiewak. Like Fallon, Parsons and Spiewak reportedly bought additional units in a complex with the intention to expand their living space.

In the Zillow press release, chief marketing officer Amy Bohutinsky explained why Fallon and Bieber topped their respective lists.

“Jimmy Fallon had an incredibly successful first year on ‘The Tonight Show,’ is well-liked by Americans and carries a positive, relatable vibe that makes him an ideal neighbor. Plus who wouldn’t want to live next to someone who makes you laugh?”

“No one wants to live on the same street as someone accused of reckless driving or egging neighboring homes, which is likely why Bieber received the highest percentage of ‘worst’ votes in survey history.”

The goodwill of Zillow survey voters adds to what was already a positive month for Fallon. The New York Post reported his show was a ratings win the week of December 15, getting its highest numbers in six months for the 18-49 demographic and highest numbers overall in three months.

He also welcomed a new member of the family on December 3. Jimmy and his wife had a new baby girl, Frances Cole Fallon. The couple already had daughter Winnie Rose, who was born in July 2013, according to US Magazine.

[Jimmy Fallon image: NBC]