Archaeologists Find First Written Record of Jewish Temple Worship In Jerusalem

It has been an interesting time for Israeli Archaeologists who are digging around the Old City of Jerusalem. This time though they seem to have hit pay dirt. A team doing a survey at the northwestern corner of the Temple Mount have found a small tablet, about the size of a button, inscribed with the Aramaic words “Daka Le’Ya” written on it. This phrase translates to “Pure for God”

While there are plenty of artifacts found all year round on the Temple Mount, this is the first artifact which seems to document an act of Jewish Temple worship on the Temple Mount dating to a time when the Temple stood.

It is ironic that this artifact was uncovered at this time of year, when Jews throughout the world celebrate Hanukkah which is a holiday which commemorates the High Priests of the Jewish Temple finding one last flask of oil which was stamped with “Pure for God” written on it.

While an abundance of written evidence exists about the Temple services and the various instruments used there at the time, this is the first time a symbol has been uncovered confirming the written word.

In addition to this artifact,archaeologists have recently found other objects including oil lamps, earthenware pots, and containers filled with oils and perfumes, as well as coins bearing the seals of Hasmonean kings from the Second Temple period (530 BC to 70AD).

The Temple Mount is one of the most hotly disputed pieces of real estate in the entire world. While it currently houses the Muslim Dome of the Rock and Al-Aksa Mosque, it is revered by Jews as their holiest site on the planet and the place where both of their Holy Temple’s have stood. While the site is administered by the Jordanian WAKF (Islamic Trust), Israel maintains sovereignty over the site.

How do you feel about the discovery of these artifacts on the Temple Mount? Does it bolster Jewish claims to the site or does it make little difference?

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