Tennessee Couple Turns To Facebook To Donate Six Embryos, Conditions Apply

A Tennessee woman posted an unusual Facebook request on December 17 asking her friends to help her and her husband find a family for their six embryos.

“Jeff Watts & I NEED YOUR HELP. PLEASE help if you can. [sic]”

“We come with good news for someone out there,” Angel Watts’ post continued, according to the Tennessean. “We are seeking a couple in the area who has roots in TN who is having issues with infertility who are otherwise healthy and will need IVF in order to start a family.”

Angel and her husband, Jeff, already have two sets of twins, which they conceived using in vitro fertilization, but six embryos still remain in the National Embryo Donation Center. Angel and Jeff realize that they are getting older and that their family is complete.

“We are old. I’m 45 now. When my children are in their 40s, they’ll be putting us in the ground, if we live an average life span,” Angel explained.

After a great deal of thought, the Mt. Juliet couple decided they want to donate the remaining embryos to people who are having difficulty with their own fertility. Having dealt with infertility, the couple understands the heartbreak.

According to the Tennessean, the couple waited until Angel was 38 to try to have children, and they were told that Jeff’s sperm had issues and that Angel’s eggs were too old. Fertility specialists were able to use Jeff’s sperm thanks to in vitro fertilization, and they purchased eggs from a female donor who was 20-years-old at the time.

Angel explained the terms that must be agreed upon if someone wants to accept the couple’s frozen embryos into their family. They are asking for what they feel would be the most loving situation for the biological siblings of their children. Angel and Jeff want all future children to be raised together in one family and for the would-be parents not space the children “too far apart in age,” according to the Tennessean. They would prefer a couple that has been married for several years and that has a strong Christian background.

“We don’t want the siblings split up more than they already are and am seeking the needle in the haystack of that special couple who wants a large family and can afford it,” Angel said in the Facebook post. “We have 6 good quality frozen six-day-old embryos to donate to an amazing family who wants a large family.”

There was also one more condition.

“We are seeking open communication and meetings so siblings grow up to know each other. I’m unsure as to how the meetings would go, but I assume a playground, zoo, yours or my church could be options… We are easy going as far as meetings. Come hang out with us anytime. Come to church with us anytime. If we are doing something on a date your [sic] available, we will just include you all in if your [sic] up for it. Because of this, we prefer a couple who has roots in the TN area and that lives within a 5 hour drive of Nashville. We live about 30 mins outside of Nashville.”

The couple has been featured in multiple news stories looking for the perfect family life for their embryos, including the following interview with Tennessee-based News Channel 5.

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