Oldsmar, Florida Man Charged With Decapitating His Mom With Ax Outside Home

A man from Oldsmar, Florida, has been charged with the heinous crime of decapitating his mother with an ax. The decapitation happened on New Year’s Eve, and now her son has been arrested for the crime, according to Sheriff Bob Gualtieri in Pinellas County, Florida.

According to ABC Action News, the incident happened just before 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday evening at a home on Sheffield Court in Oldsmar, Florida.

Maria Suarez Cassagne, 48, was found dead by her son Mario Gomez outside of the home. It was he who called the police to get them out there, and he told them that his brother, Christian Gomez, had done it.

Bay News 9 reports that Gomez attacked his mother after he got upset with her on Wednesday night. She was attempting to put up some things, and asked her son to help her put away some boxes, so he got angry.

It was then that Gomez ended up decapitating his mother and putting her head into a trash can. He then took Cassagne’s body and attempted to stuff it into another trash can, but it wouldn’t fit.

When Gomez realized the body wouldn’t fit into the trash can, he took outside. He dragged it out front of the woman’s home in Oldsmar, Florida, and left it out in the yard.

After police arrived on the scene, Christian Gomez said that he had actually been planning on attacking his mother for two days. She apparently kept asking him to help put the boxes in the attic, and he finally just lost it.

Gomez says that his mother just kept “nagging” him to put the boxes away.

Cassagne’s older son, Mario, was home at the time of the decapitation, but he was not aware of what was going on. He thought the noises he heard was his brother putting away the boxes.

When police got to the home, Christian Gomez was not on the scene, but they did find him riding his bike a few blocks away. Gomez tried to elude the police for a short period of time, but was then taken into custody.

Sheriff Gualtieri confirmed that Christian Gomez has been diagnosed with schizophrenia, and is on prescription medications. It is not known if he has been regularly taking his medicine.

Christian Gomez has officially been charged with first-degree murder for the New Year’s eve crime in Oldsmar, Florida, that included him decapitating his mother. An investigation is ongoing.

[Image via ABC Action News]

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