Arrest Warrant Issued For CEO Who Sold Faulty Breast Implants

Yesterday I reported that the breast implants company Poly Implant Protheses has come under fire for using industrial grade silicone in potentially dangerous breast implants and now Interpol has issued an arrest warrant for company CEO Jean-Claude Mas.

Officials in Costa Rica are attempting to track down the company’s mastermind who was last seen in a Latin American nation. Mas is wanted for crimes involving the “life and health” of more than 300,000 people who received PIP breast implants.

News of the international warrant comes after officials in France offered to pay for the removal of 30,000 breast implants for fear that leaks and ruptures could cause severe reactions, in some cases leading to death. In France alone 1,000 ruptures and leaks have been reported.

In a moment of re-assurance the French health ministry said women should not be unduly worried since no risk of cancer or other affects have been reported.

The silicone used in the breast implants is the same non-medical grade material used in the product of mattresses, computer chips and various other industrial grade products.

Officials throughout Europe and South America have called for the removal of the breast implants. Poly Implant Protheses does not offer their silicone based implants in North America and most other countries.

Do you think criminal charges should be pressed against Poly Implant Protheses and CEO Jean-Claude Mas?

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